Sinfonia Leaderboard, Insights & FanToken Airdrop

5 min readJun 9, 2022


Dear Community,

Sinfonia is about to debut with a platform that will bring huge advantages to the whole of the IBC Community.

We recently announced and published the names of those who just bagged a win in our competition, let’s take a look & break down those wins & what led us to the qualifying decisions.

  • Eligible accounts: everyone who completed the registration within the required timeframe. Note the Twitter accounts used to sign up to the competition had to be at least 4 months old before the registration date.
  • Non eligible accounts: Anyone that didn’t follow the competition participation rules and regulations. Regulations can be found here.
  • Winning accounts: To have an opportunity to win, all participants had to transfer their initial tokens from the Osmosis chain testnet to the Bitsong chain testnet, action at least 2 swap operations with the artists Fan Tokens, lock in their liquidity pool & at the end of the competition swap the fan tokens for BTSG. The successful participants that were able to successfully fulfill the tasks will proportionally divide the prize amongst those with a higher BTSG total.
  • Disqualified accounts: During the competition we went through a routine analysis of the platform, we noticed some movements sending tokens from one account to another. This is not allowed in the regulations so unfortunately we had to disqualify anyone that did carry out operations not covered by the rules.

Thanks to all our community for the support you have shown us!

We recorded around 9500 daily swaps during the competition period, we are honored you’re on this journey with us. ❤.

Your feedback has been super important & it has allowed us to tweak, update & modify where needed ready for the Sinfonia launch.

During the next few days we will be updating the chain that will coincide with the launch of Sinfonia in Mainnet that will permit the winners to claim their prize here.

Important: Do not eliminate the mnemonic phrase connected to the account that you used to enter the competition with, the prize can only be claimed by the accounts connected to the initial competition registration.

To simplify the prize claim procedure we decided it’s not necessary to have to verify KYC.

We have great news! We have decided to add an extra reward in BTSG & in Fan Tokens to the winners of this competition, you will get 1% of the Loyalty Program for every Fan Token that was present during the testnet stage.

We made the decision to add an extra reward layer so the winners will have the necessary assets to carry on using Sinfonia in Mainnet, the winners can then become Liquid Providers in the pool of artists/BTSG allowing them to keep on earning.

We are only at the start of the Loyalty program and will announce in the coming weeks that it will be focusing on all the ‘money can’t buy’ experiences by the Artists, Record Labels, Clubs and Festivals. Consistent interaction with your artists is what creates the real Fan Token value, we want the fans to feel involved with their favourite artists, that they are part of something unique & exclusive. So what if we also told you, you could be in direct contact with the artists? Or maybe even work for them? It could be for a special occasion or a special gift or even a bespoke experience?… the opportunities are there.

The Sinfonia launch will also see the launch of Airdrop!!

We already announced a few weeks ago that for the Stakers of BTSG, OSMO & JUNO we would be launching airdrop. Many of you requested the date for the snapshot, so stay tuned this will be announced in the next few days, to be eligible, take note of the rules & regulations.

1. Stake at least 400 BTSG tokens to any Validator on the BitSong mainnet.

To stake your BTSG, take a look at our guide.

2. Stake OSMO to at least one of the following Validators:

BasBlock | Forbole | Simply Staking | KalpaTech | ITA Stakers | Cosmostation | Dimi stake.system | Bi23 | StakeLab Ping | CryptoCrew Validators #IBCgang | | SmartNodes | kytzu | Stakecito | Inotel | Lavender.Five Nodes | Hathor Node | AnalyticDynamix | jabbey | #decentralizehk | | CommunityStaking |

To stake OSMO, go to

  • Click on the top of the page and select the Osmosis Chain.
  • Go to the Validator section, select one of the Validators listed above, and delegate your $OSMO.

3. Stake JUNO to at least one of the following Validators:

BasBlock | Kalpatech | ITA Stakers| Cosmostation | dimi | stake.system | Bi23 | Stakelab | Ping | CryptoCrew Validators #IBCgang | Crypteloid | BlueStake | | Smartnodes | | Stakecito | WeStaking | Inotel | Lavender.Five Nodes | Consensus One | AnalyticDynamix | jabbey | #decentralizehk | Oldcat | | web34ever | | cyberG | Community Staking |

To stake JUNO, go to

Click on the top of the page and select the JUNO Chain.

  • Go to the Validator section, select one of the Validators listed above, and delegate your JUNO.

4. Provide Liquidity on at least in one of the following Pools:

To provide Liquidity to BTSG Pools, read our guide.

5. Provide liquidity on to the following Pool:


To Provide Liquidity on Juno Swap, go to

  • Click on the left menu: Liquidity;
  • Click on the Pool #JUNO-BTSG
  • Click on Add Liquidity.

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