The wait is OVER! Join the Sinfonia Incentivized Testnet NOW!

5 min readMay 3, 2022

Dear Community,

Since we announced Sinfonia, our FanToken platform, we’ve been deeply focused on making the user experience unique and fun.

Sinfonia is a Multifunctional App for FanTokens, NFTs and more, developed by BitSong that will be operating on the Osmosis Blockchain, thus becoming the first and potentially most significant use case of the platform after the Osmosis DEX itself.

Sinfonia’s main goal is to become a focal point for music industry players, becoming the “go to market” for FanTokens, NFTs, other ecosystem tokens and many other features coming in the future.

It’s a real revolution for the music industry!

Artists, Record Labels, Digital Distributors, Clubs, Festivals, Radio and others will be able to get into a blockchain ecosystem of services dedicated to the music industry and enjoy the benefits available using the blockchain technology.

That said, we are thrilled to announce that Sinfonia is now ready and we decided to run an Incentivized Testnet together with our community of music industry and blockchain exponents, and also their fans, to test the application and its features fully before launching it into production.

Furthermore, we decided to make the Testnet incentivized, so that each participant has the opportunity to get great rewards in BTSG and FanTokens for simply getting involved and using the platform.

We have been focused on rewards and incentives, the constant interaction with the platform will allow the community users to enjoy huge benefits by owning the artists FanToken and actively participating in liquidity pools.

Testnet Prizes & Qualification Requirements

Sinfonia Pool Competition Prizes:

- $25000 in BTSG

- 1% of the Loyalty Program of the first 10 FanTokens listed on Sinfonia Testnet

N.B. At the end of the competition, if you find yourself among the winners, a KYC verification is required, in order to be able to redeem your reward. The verification is carried out by a third party service provider (Passbase) and no data related to it is stored by BitSong srl.

Bug Report

The prizes for reporting a bug starts from $500 in BTSG and can go up to $3000 in BTSG depending on the importance of the bug. In the event that whoever reports the bug also proposes how to fix it, the reward may go up to $5000 depending on the impact of the bug reported. A BitSong internal engineering commission will take care to evaluate all the reported bugs and they will also be in charge of assigning the most appropriate reward, in the event that the report has been evaluated as valid by the commission.

The bugs must be reported via github, at the repo indicated by the team at the beginning of the competition.

Participation Requirements:

In order to be able to become eligible for the incentivized competition, you must be compliant with the following requirements:

  • A Twitter account active for +4 months at the registration date
  • A BitSong Testnet wallet (or create one, read guide)
  • Quote the announcement tweet indicated by Sinfonia from your Twitter account as follows:
  1. go to the portal:
  2. Connect to Sinfonia with Keplr
  3. click the “Post On Twitter” button

The quote tweet will automatically get filled with the following sentence:

“#smashdatestnet of #Sinfonia, the #music #FanToken App powered by @BitSongOfficial on @osmosiszone

Let’s play it!
[your testnet wallet address is pre-filled, please make sure it is the wallet you want to use for the competition]

Once you complete all the above steps, you can check if your wallet is now eligible from the playground page.

The Competition

  1. Registration via Twitter as per aforementioned requirements starts on May 3rd once this announcement gets public and finishes on Monday May 9th at 12am UTC. The competition will begin on May 9th, 2022 and will last 10 days.
  2. We generate the genesis with the following balance:
  • 10.000 BTSG to every eligible participant
  • we create 10 different pools with listed FanTokens vs BTSG
  • you have to use your genesis BTSG’s to perform swaps for FanTokens in order for you to be able to join the pools and earn rewards via Liquidity Mining
  • if any operation to be performed on Sinfonia is unclear to you, please consult this user guide.
  • at least 2 swaps and joining at least 2 different pools is required in order to qualify as a potential winner at the end of the competition. Inactive accounts will be automatically disqualified.
  • the main goal is to accumulate as many BTSG’s as possible at the end of the competition
  • at the end of the competition you have to liquidate everything and get back in BTSG, these actions need to be performed by the time the competition ends (remember that there is a 24h unbonding period on some pools, so make sure you perform your unbondings and swaps in time for the end of the competition)
  • you will have 3 bonding options, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1day. Pay attention on which pool and which option you go for, since some of them might not be incentivized 😁
  • epoch occurs every hour


Add Liquidity

Bond Liquidity

3. We will analyze the leaderboard and announce the winners. All those with a balance higher than 10.000 BTSG, are considered winners. The distribution of the rewards will be then calculated based on the amount of BTSG you produced during the competition, apart from the 10K that have been assigned to you in genesis.

4. The winners will be provided with a short form to fill in. KYC verification is also required for the winners who want to redeem their rewards. Two weeks after the Testnet, Sinfonia will go live and the same day we will distribute the rewards to the winners.


  1. $CLAY — Adam Clay
  2. $D9 — Delta9 Recordings
  3. $FASANO — Nicola Fasano
  4. $VIBRA — Vibranium
  5. $RWNE — Rawanne
  6. $DEEP — 404 Deep Records
  7. $FONTI — Fonti
  8. $BJKS — Blackjack Records
  9. $N43 — N43 Records
  10. $LOBO — Puro Lobo
  11. $ENMODA — Enmoda

Winning the competition requires much attention and activity on your side, while fun is guaranteed!

So Good Luck everyone and let’s play with #music!

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