Dear Community

This is the last letter that we write this year and in our opinion one of the most beautiful ones.
Very few minutes ago the 10M $BTSG Airdrop for a total value of around $5,000,000 was completed as we promised a few weeks ago.

The networks that have…

Dear Community,

As we promised a few weeks ago, Bitsong would have made a 10,000,000 $BTSG Airdrop to the Cosmos Ecosystem, and that moment has arrived!

After discussing and analyzed what were the eligible networks according to our parameters, the Boarding of Bitsong decided that the eligible networks for the…

As per the proposal launched two weeks ago and after reaching consensus on the same day, BitSong officially announced that the execution date of the BigBang Upgrade would take place on October 21st, 2021, at 08:00 UTC.

Per an official communication, yesterday (October 21st) at 08:00 UTC bitsong-1 stopped and…


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