BitSong NFT Genesis Collection Unveiled! Unlock the Gateway to Exclusive Benefits

4 min readJan 5, 2024

Are you ready to elevate your BitSong experience?

Introducing the BitSong NFT Genesis Collection — not just a digital art collection but a golden ticket to a world of exclusive perks and potential collaborations within the BitSong community. Holders of the Genesis NFT will find themselves at the heart of opportunities, fostering unity, and contributing to a sustainable ecosystem.

Launch Date: 10.01

The Genesis NFT: Your Key to BitSong’s Exclusive Club

Owning the Genesis NFT isn’t just about having a unique piece of digital art; it’s akin to possessing a key to BitSong’s exclusive club. This badge is your pass to future perks, an invitation to join a closely-knit community, and a vote for the promising future of BitSong. Embrace the benefits of being at the forefront of innovation!

A few Advantages of the BitSong VIP Club:

Exclusive Artist NFT Drops:

  • Gain access to limited-edition NFTs directly from your favorite BitSong artists. These drops are exclusively available to NFT Genesis Badge holders, making your collection truly one-of-a-kind.

DAO Participation:

  • Unlock the doors to BitSong’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Genesis Badge holders have the privilege to actively participate in decision-making processes, shaping the future of BitSong.

Early Access to Features:

  • Be the first to experience and test new features and functionalities as BitSong evolves. Genesis Badge holders get priority access to cutting-edge innovations, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Unlock the potential for collaborative projects and partnerships within the BitSong community. The Genesis Badge serves as a symbol of credibility, making you a sought-after collaborator in the vibrant BitSong ecosystem.

VIP Access to BitSong Features:

  • Experience enhanced features and functionalities on BitSong Studio, the epicenter of your music creation and distribution journey. Genesis Badge holders get VIP access to advanced tools and capabilities, enhancing your creative process.

Recognition on BitSong Ecosystem:

  • Showcase your commitment and contribution to the BitSong ecosystem with a special mention or badge on your public profile. This recognition positions you as a valued member of the BitSong community.

Gamification Rewards:

  • Engage in gamified experiences and challenges within the BitSong platform, earning exclusive rewards and recognition based on your achievements and contributions. The Genesis Badge is your ticket to exciting gamification rewards.

Special Airdrop for Prop 31 Voters:

As a token of gratitude, the Genesis NFT will be airdropped to voters of Prop 31. Find this exclusive NFT in your BitSong Studio accounts once the Studio is live!

There were 197 accounts that voted for proposal 31 and will receive the NFT in their account once BitSong Studio is live. Users will need to connect to the studio with the same wallet they used to vote for the proposal, which is the one they use for staking BTSG!

In total, 225 Genesis NFTs will be minted, with 197 airdropped and 28 belonging to the BitSong team. The NFT will be launched using the Liquid NFT system that BitSong will introduce with the Studio launch, namely the bs721-curve, a protocol designed to provide liquidity and dynamism to NFTs.

Every time you want to mint a new Genesis NFT, you will have to purchase it on BitSong Studio through the curve system, which generates a new purchase or sale price every time an operation is carried out on it.

The Genesis NFT will use the curve with a “Ratio” set at 5 (we will delve into the topic further in an upcoming article dedicated to “bs721-curve”), consequently tending to have a very limited supply, around 500/600 units. This limitation will be precisely given by the curve system, as once we reach 500/600 units, the price of the NFT will tend to be very high.

The starting price of the Genesis NFT will be around 10,000 BTSG. Also, note that each transaction with this NFT will have a 0.3% fee, which will go directly into the community pool.

Join the BitSong VIP Club with the Genesis NFT Collection and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and collaborative possibilities!

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