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Hi there everybody, we are here today to announce as we promised, the opening of the Smart Contract that allows you to swap btsg tokens from erc-20 to bech32 (BitSong Mainnet) is Live and ready to be used!

Therefore, follow the steps below to migrate your tokens via the Account Manager.

1. Log in to the Account Manager

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Dear community,

We are here today to first of all thank you for your continued support and patience, especially in this transition phase towards the Mainnet Launch.

However, we are sorry to announce that we have to postpone the mainnet launch by 20 days, as various unforeseen events have delayed us with the fulfillment of the given deadlines.

The reasons that lead us to delay the launch date are basically the following:

- we had a huge surprise when generating the keys using the ledger, as the app is not compatible with our coin type, just as it is not…

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Hello everyone, we are here today to make an announcement that has been in the air for weeks now and which is quite historic and of exceptional importance for our ecosystem, that is, THE LAUNCH OF MAINNET 1.0.

Let’s begin by saying that all accounts that were banned/excluded during the previous security checks will be re-enabled, as new security measures have been adopted along with the creation of the new control dashboard. …

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Changing the Tune of the Music Industry

Music is an intricate part of our lives. Humans of all cultures have invented and developed unique brands of music, proving its fundamentality to our existence. Music can cause us to move with it or sing along. It molds our moods and sets the ambiance of the space that holds us.

We have experienced many shifts in music from vinyl to VHS tapes, CDs, and now online music in modern times [1]. …

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to officially welcome a new strategic partner of the highest technological level, namely FORBOLE.

FORBOLE indeed decides to support BitSong on its journey from here on, becoming part of our infrastructure as one of the TOP Validators and not only, since various projects are being born together with this collaboration.

FORBOLE founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, is already considered one of the pioneers of the PoS field in Blockchain, being also one of the TOP Validators of the Cosmos Network. It stands out for its seriousness, security, high-level infrastructure and a team…

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I hope everyone is having a good time with their family.

2020 for BitSong (and especially for me) has been a fantastic year, full of joys, achievements and successes.

2021 will be a year full of news:
- Cosmos IBC
- OKEXChain
- BitSong Mainnet
- BitSong NFTs
- BitSong FTO (Fan Token Offering)

All the news are the result of years of hard work by different teams. I am happy to be a part of this industry trying to use my time making something unique.

I have to thank all of you who believed in the project and gave me a different thrill every day. Treasure your experiences, improve yourselves and make the world a better place.

I wish you all a happy new year.

Try the new bitsong music player

Website | Discord | Telegram | Github

I take this opportunity to personally thank all the validators who accompanied us on this journey and helped us to create our products.

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On October 16th, 2020 we launched bitsong-testnet-4, which goal’s was testing the latest releases of cosmos-sdk before launching BitSong Mainnet 1.0

Initially the maximum number of validators was set to 32, but given the numerous requests we decided to increase the slots of validators to 64.

Thanks to bitsong testnet 4 we were able to create:
— Console to interact with the bitsong blockchain
— Radio Player and Podcast
— Interactive admin for partners

Awards & Conditions

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The new supply is 116,420,850btsg

As we promised, unsold and unused tokens from our ICO were burned!

Following our Crowdfunding, which took place in 2018, this is the Official Distribution of the BTSG token.

Remember that the Total Supply is actually an Initial Supply, as ours is a dPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) Blockchain, which means that the supply will vary according to inflation.

Total Initial Supply — 116.420.850 btsg

  • Crowdfunding (50%) — 58.210.425
  • Reserve Fund (20%) — 23.284.170
  • Team (15%) — 17,463,128
  • Marketing&Partnerships (7%) — 8.149.460
  • Advisor (5%) — 5.821.043
  • Bounty Contest (2%) — 2,328.417
  • Airdrop Contest (1%) — 1,164,209

🙏 Thank you all for your trust in BitSong

Try the new bitsong music player

Website | Discord | Telegram | Github

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Ladies and gentlemen,

The wait is over!!

The guide to joining bitsong-testnet-4 is out now!
The penultimate step before the Mainnet 1.0 is about to be completed.

We remind you that the goal of this testnet-4 is testing the sdk 0.39.1 the official release that we will use for Mainnet 1.0.

Prepare your node and start validating from the first block, ensuring a minimum reward of 5000btsg (max 64 validators).

Send your gentx no later than Tuesday October 13th at 15:00 UTC.

How to participate in bitsong-testnet-4 (incentivized)

This article is aimed at those validators who intend to participate in the third BitSong testnet. …

We are ready to release the Mainnet 1.0 based on cosmos-sdk v0.39

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The next testnet (bitsong-testnet-4) will stress-test it with our validators for a period of 21days

With the Mainnet 1.0 we will enable:

  • Bank transfer
  • Governance
  • Staking

In Q2/Q3 2021 we will plan to upgrade the Mainnet to 2.0, with the Mainnet 2.0 we will enable

  • Smart Media Contract (smart media contract will be possible thanks to MCO/CEL, ODRL languages)
  • IBC
  • NFT
  • FTO (Fan Token Offering)

Road to Mainnet 1.0

  • Launch BitSong Testnet 4 with cosmos-sdk v0.39.0
  • Renew our website with complete and useful information
  • Publish the updated Whitepaper where we describe the…


Decentralized Music Streaming Platform (

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