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Music will save the world. Like beauty, and not just for an aesthetic or existential reason, but for its mysterious therapeutic virtue. Music takes care of the injured mind because it speaks an original language that precedes the logical connections and the cerebral processes, it moves original chords.

It treats Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients, autistic disorders, dementias and many other rare syndromes. It helps to get out of the coma, as happened in some cases already known. In the wake of Apollo and Dionysus, Orpheus and Pythagoras, music accompanies the harmony of the celestial spheres and reaches our mind, indeed it is perhaps the only true invisible bridge that flows from the infinite to the human soul. The anima mundi is musical and music itself is reminiscent, the source of Platonic wisdom.

Ryo Noda claims that at the University of Osaka he subjects his patients to intensive music therapy: “If to solve the diseases of our body organs we need drugs, for those in the mind we need music … maternal womb is the first great orchestra where there is not a single moment of silence and where music is the pulsing itself of life ». And Don Campbell, in Mozart Effect, advises parents to make Mozart listen to children to increase their IQ, in particular the Sonata in C major for two pianos, cheerful with spirit.

Music therapy was experimented in America after the Second World War, as is the case with many scientific discoveries, to treat the soldiers who were back upset by the war experience. At the base of the studies, however, there is the intuition of a poet, Novalis: “Every disease is a musical problem, every cure is a musical solution”. The last Nietzsche comes to us, now in the grip of madness, muteness and paralysis, but he improvised at the piano. Even of the Bolero it is said that it was composed when Ravel was now in advanced dementia; and it was a sign of dementia that obsessive repetition in crescendo like a mantra, which will then be its point of highest fascination.

Of course, the music has also produced furious invasions and Dionysian delirium (think, among many, Wagner’s clumsy use, not to mention a lot of satanic and hallucinated music). But when you see those sick risen through music, dance or song, when you read that old father or the last Nietzsche, devoured by dementia and now inert that responded to the music crying, you really wonder what deep chords go to touch the music. And which gods, which guardian angels bring back those defiled minds along the way of the songs.

These are some of the reasons why we want to change music, through BitSong, and make it a better place!

Good Music to everyone

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