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BitSong is pleased to welcome its new collaborator Vladimir Nikitin !!

Vladimir will be in charge of the position of Advisor and being a professional legal consultant, he will take care to keep BitSong in the best financial-legal parameters.

Vladimir is also a well-known cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor, being one of the finest on the highest-level platforms like ICO Bench or ICO Bazaar.

He has collaborated with many successful ICOs such as Vibeo, Lagon, MOBU, WhenHub and many others, which have helped him to gain an excellent reputation in the advisory field.

Through his knowledge and his passion for Blockchain, he provides ICOs in the CIS region.

By choosing to collaborate with Vladimir, it will guarantee us greater stability in the financial sector and greater likelihood of strategic partnerships, since his network in the crypto community counts over 31,000 followers.

A great welcome to Vladimir Nikitin aboard BitSong and we are sure that our collaboration will lead us to great successes !!

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