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Vibranium rec is a 3.0 start up record label, which intends to place itself in the global recording market as a point of reference for the development of artistic projects to fully exploit the potential within the music industry, intended as a marketing tool, brand awareness, as well as being a vehicle to launch new trends, together with the infinite potential of decentralized finance and blockchain.

Vibranium wants to be a brand, before being a record label, which develop consumer products such as energy drinks, musical gadgets but above all, a token, a cryptocurrency usable in the blockchain and dedicated to the world of entertainment (to access events or clubs in general or for the purchase of tickets for concerts and also for the remuneration of artists and so much more).

The vision

Dreams, projects, thoughts, sharing.

Redeeming talents and great artists in an innovative vision for the music market declined? in blockchain.

Mission Statement

Objectives, results and spirit

To become pioneering and major players in tomorrow’s music market, developed thanks to the power of the new financial instruments of the crypto and blockchain world.

In today’s competitive music marketplace there is no lack of creativity, opportunity and innovation. Due to the cancellations and restrictions of tours and live performances caused by the pandemic, the music industry has not been an idle industry, it did not sit on its hands and showing absolute resilience, it has pursued alternatives in the business. The result? It has been a great success in terms of revenue from merchandising and from the unprecedented activities that leverage new technologies. The first movers, in various sectors also within the realm of entertainment, have fully understood the value of focusing on markets that are innovating and imagining a a bright future for the entertainment industry, they are going above and beyond.

Thus, marketing professionals, record labels, publishers, distribution companies and artists are moving towards new methods of distribution and marketing. The opportunities are new and around the corner, especially thanks to NFT.

While Meta has opened the door to changes that will affect the music industry forever, what are artists and music marketers doing? They’re getting back into the game.

Like Vibranium Rec, which was born in a momentous epochal moment and that takes advantage of old and new platforms through live, teasers and related activities that are pushing and expanding beyond the boundaries of the metaverse. Artists like MasterM are boarding the NFT train and beyond: They release exclusive products, from new singles or tracks to one-of-a-kind collectibles. With the NFT system,

Vibranium Rec makes its mark and walks another path to create revenue in the music industry.

Choices in the artistic field

To develop recording productions aiming exclusively at the international market with a precise strategy. The launching of new talents that will stand out on the recording scene thanks to the collaboration (or featuring) of famous artists, already established or with a consolidated international fan base/followers.

Musical productions

The productions will be entrusted to different teams/staff with a proven experience in the field of productions. To date, the following production partners have been identified:

A) H Music Studios

B) 7venth Studio

C) Proofmastering Studio

D) Visionary Sapiens

MasterM feat. Sean Kingston — Killin’ Me Softly (MasterM Remix)

Record promotion

The discographic promotion at world level will be done in outsourcing through specialized promotion agencies. Currently Vibranium is followed by Propeller for foreign markets and by Think Louder.

Record distribution

The distribution of Vibranium’s discographic projects, both physical and digital products on the main worldwide platforms is through Sony Music Italia s.r.l.

On March 11, 2022 “On My Way”, the new single of the label Vibranium, record label 3.0 founded by the Italian entrepreneur Marco Melega and distributed worldwide by Sony Music Group, was released on all digital stores. “On My Way” is the second release of MasterM that in this occasion has summoned the multi-platinum international star Fatman Scoop, as well as Vanessa Elly and KAY. The track already has a record, achieved even before the official release. In fact, more than 500 authoritative international newspapers, including FOX, NBC, USA TODAY, NCN, Daily Herald, Suncoast News Network, have spoken about it before its release, reaching a pool of about 35 MILLION unique readers in the world.

Vibranium is a label that appeals to international multi-platinum artists.

Fatman Scoop, born Isaac Freeman III, is an overseas hip-hop icon, famous for his Mic Hyping entrances. Known worldwide for the single “Be Faithful” (2003), Fatman Scoop has also collaborated with the likes of Mariah Carey on “It’s Like That” and Missy Elliott on “Lose Control”.

The first single produced by Vibranium featured another multi-platinum star, Sean Kingston, known for the mega-hit “Beautiful Girls” in 2010, who boasts collaborations with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown but also with the very Italian Giusy Ferreri.

The official launch of the $VIBRA FanToken will take place on July 11th, 2022 on Sinfonia, the Marketplace completely designed and developed by BitSong, on the Osmosis Network.

After the launch, in approximately 30 days, Vibranium will perform a 1 Milion Airdrop of $VIBRA FanTokens to the eligible community members.

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