Top 5 all time artists for sold copies

Do you know who the 5 artists of all time are, who have sold more records than ever?
Of course there is only that in the last Top 5, the names of these artists, are so well known, to be almost obvious.

Let’s find out together…

5- Elton John
In 1997 his song Candle in the wind” dedicated to the memory of Princess Diana, sold 33 million copies worldwide. Its world total would amount to more than 250 million records.

4- Madonna
She is the woman artist who has sold the most to the point of being included in the Guiness of Records. The total worldwide has more than 400 million copies.
So she can now dedicate herself to the growth of her spirit, don’t you think so?

3- Michael Jackson
The king of pop has broken records in terms of sales. Thriller is the best-selling album of all time and has earned more musical awards than any other artist or band.
To get back to the overall result it seems to be about 800 million copies sold.
Not for nothing is called The King of Pop.

2- Elvis Presley
For Elvis there is a dispute between his record company, the old “RCA” that supports numbers like 1 billion records and the official counts that say 600 million records.
Who knows if they’ll ever be able to decide!

1- in the first place there are guess who … The Beatles

The Beatles hold all kinds of sales records and we do not exaggerate!
There is talk of a figure as 1 billion and a half sold copies

Wow what to say, we’ll see who will ever overcome them …

Good music to everyone!

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