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As you know, in these days the BitSong team has worked hard to ensure its contributors, users and partners, a simple, fast and safe withdraw system, practically recreating the entire control panel within the account.

As for the airdrop, after verifying more than 71 thousand users, more than 32 thousand were banned, as they did not comply with the rules imposed by BitSong Group Ltd. regarding participation in the reward campaign. BAN does not mean the complete exclusion, but means that further verifications will be required by our team, to demonstrate the authenticity and correctness of participation by the user, who according to our systems it turned out to be spam.

At present the tokenomics is the following:

Current BTSG Supply — 116.280.760

PRE-ICO + Public Sales — 58.140.380 (50%)
Team — 23.256.152 (20%)
Reserve Fund — 17.442.114 (15%)
Advisor — 8.139.653 (7%)
Partnerships — 5.814.038 (5%)
Bounty — 2.325.615 (2%)
Airdrop — 1.162.807 (1%)

Tomorrow, March 26th of 2019, at 15:00 UTC the withdrawal will be enabled in the following order:

Pre-ICO and pre-ICO Bonus

ICO — all those who have a lock-up for a year will still find the tokens on the dashboard, but they will be unlocked after 365 days from the contributor’s participation.

March 28th at 16:00 UTC, we will enable the payment of Airdrop 1 and Airdrop 2, this means that the tokens that users have obtained directly from the Airdrop 1 and 2 will be unlocked and they can withdraw them.

April 11th at 15:00 UTC we will enable the Referrals withdraw.

Referral note: more than 32K accounts were banned, as each account referred was paid 50 BTSG, we introduced the penality, for each banned account that is part of your referrals, you will be subtracted 50 btsg: ex. if I had the referral amount of 20,000 BTSG but 50 accounts of my referral were banned I will be subtracted 2500 BTSG.

We will make the counts of the penality in 2 weeks, thus giving the possibility to users banned by mistake to be reintegrated.

All banned accounts can be recovered upon verification by KYC.
If you find yourself banned and consider that it was a mistake, please contact our support (, indicating the account’s email address and the problem encountered.
If on the other hand, you are aware that you have not complied with the rules of participation imposed by BitSong, then please do not insist as our team adopts a 0 Tollerance policy in these cases.

Portal registrations are currently disabled, the “publisher” area will soon be released where creators can start uploading their own music tracks.

We thank you for your patience and support.

Good Music to Everyone!

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