The BTSG Ethereum to BitSong Bridge is Now Live!

Dear Community,

BitSong is pleased to announce that we have just launched a brand-new feature allowing you to bridge your BTSG tokens between the BitSong and Ethereum blockchains!

The ERC-20 Bridge enables you to migrate ERC-20 $BTSG stored in your Ethereum wallet into native $BTSG for the BitSong mainnet. In this context, the bridge can contact smart contracts on the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems through MetaMask and Keplr, to sign Ethereum and Cosmos transactions, respectively. This is an essential step in unlocking the value currently held in the ERC-20 instance of $BTSG, as until now, there has been no way to transfer ERC-20 $BTSG into the BitSong ecosystem.

But you can now send your ERC-20 tokens to the BitSong mainnet via the bridge with a few simple steps! Once they’re transferred, you can start earning — either by delegating them to the BitSong validator network for a share of staking rewards or by supplying them as liquidity to our $BTSG pools on Osmosis.

First, you’ll need to transfer your ERC-20 $BTSG into the BitSong mainnet using the bridge, following the steps provided below.

  1. Go to the BitSong Multichain Wallet and sign in using your Keplr extension as normal.

3. Click “Connect MetaMask” and follow the steps on-screen to allow the BitSong bridge to communicate with your MetaMask wallet.

4. Once you’re connected, you’ll be taken back to the bridge interface, and your Ethereum address will be automatically populated into the “From” field.

5. Now, you’ll need to provide the BitSong mainnet address to which you want to send your ERC-20 $BTSG tokens. (Hint! Your BitSong wallet address is available to copy from the bottom left-hand corner of the interface.)

6. You’ll need to click the box to confirm you agree to the terms, then click “Allow Bridge to Migrate my Tokens.”

7. Click through the MetaMask approval process once again, after which you will receive this message:

It’s worth noting at this point that the transaction confirmation is likely to take several minutes as it’s dependent on the Ethereum blockchain processing time, so please be patient!

8. Once the transaction has been completed, the bridge will allow you to migrate your tokens by clicking on the “Migrate” button. Follow the final approval via MetaMask, and you’ll receive the below confirmation:

It will now take several more minutes for the transaction processing to complete, after which you will be able to view your new $BTSG mainnet token balance in your BitSong wallet.

That’s it!

The bridge is just the latest in a series of rollouts designed to make the BitSong user experience more friendly and accessible. We have plenty of big news coming up as we move towards the launch of Fan Tokens and NFTs, so make sure you’re subscribed to updates across our channels, and you won’t miss a thing!

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