The BitSong Ambassador Program is Here!

4 min readJan 21, 2023


Hi everyone,

Welcome to BitSong’s Ambassador Platform on Crew3!
We’re excited to have you join our community and become a BitSong Ambassador.

What’s an Ambassador Program?

An ambassador program is a marketing strategy used by companies or projects to promote their products or services through a network of individuals, known as ambassadors.

These ambassadors are typically community members, customers, fans or influencers of the company who are willing to promote the brand to their own networks. The program typically includes incentives, commissions, or exclusive access to products or events in exchange for their participation.

The goal of an ambassador program is to increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing and social proof.

This program can be a great way for a company to reach new audiences, and for the ambassadors to earn rewards for promoting the brand they already love.

The BitSong Ambassador Program


Chosen platform for Ambassador Programme is Crew3. The platform offers a nearly-fully automated system for completing bounties and attributing rewards to it. It puts all Ambassadors onto a leaderboard and at the end of a given period e.g. 3 months, the top finishers will be rewarded. You are also able to create a Leaderboard ‘Sprint’ to create some urgency and engage Ambassadors.

Link to BitSong Crew3: 👇

As soon as you engage with our Ambassador Programme via Crew3, you become a BitSong Ambassador! You get back what you put in — the more XP you earn via bounties or quests, the higher your position on the leaderboard and the better rewards you’ll get via Airdrops we’ve allocated for the Programme 💰

Tasks have different weights among them, and based on the difficulty or possible impact we anticipate for such actions the number of XP points allocated increases or decreases.

For example, it will not be the same following us on Twitter as hosting a Twitter Space talking about BitSong and Sinfonia, they are two actions with different weights and the former will be rewarded much less than the latter.

Some scoring examples are:

- Engage with our Discord 75XP

- Genius idea 200XP

- Buy 1st FanToken 100XP

- Publish an article 500XP

- Host a Twitter Space 500XP

A total of $BTSG 400,000, Free NFT Minting, Fantoken Airdrops, Merchandise, Exclusive Moderator/Ambassador Community Channel Access and more is up for grabs! 💰

What’s more is you will become an integral part of our community. Our Chief Ambassador @iamldon is constantly on the lookout for standout ambassadors who we’ll look to bring on full time as a Marketing/Community Agent here at BitSong! So make sure to give that extra effort in the chance you’ll get spotted 📣

As an Ambassador and member of the BitSong community, you have a number of responsibilities. You are now a representative of BitSong and must:

- Keep up to date with the latest news & developments of BitSong, Web3 x Music, as well as Web3 and Blockchain more generally ✅

- Uphold the brand standards✅

- Engage via our community channels✅

- Promote BitSong and its artists in a positive light✅

- Actively engage in Web 3 x Music discussions and forums✅

Moderators are responsible for ensuring that Ambassadors uphold their responsibilities and align with BitSong’s standards and vision. Moderators will be rewarded with weekly XP. If you would like to apply to be a moderator, simply fill out✍️ the quick form provided by BitSong.

The program will begin on Monday, January 23rd and will last 3 months, after which we will consider extending it for a longer period. Stay tuned on our socials and comms channel as we will announce the beginning of the program out there.

The BitSong profile on Crew3 is already active and you can view it, while the various sections are waiting to be unlocked as soon as the program is open to the public.

In conclusion, remember that you get back what you put in. Don’t be afraid to go beyond what you see on Crew3, as it might lead to a permanent place on the BitSong team. Go complete your first Quest, and we look forward to our future with you!

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