The best pop interpreters of our century “Lady Gaga”

Lady Gaga, known for her eccentric ways, has created her own style, which describes the world through her voice and her unique style, in fact she has been defined as one of the best pop interpreters of our century.

She is a singer-songwriter, actress and American activist, her name is inspired by the “Radio ga-ga” song by Queen, a group she loves.

“She’s arrival in pop music in 2009 raised the standards of ambition for all the other artists, as she brought the common American music to another level and made it bigger, stranger, more visual and infinitely more personally addressed , in other words more funny. “

The success came from she’s first steps, in fact with the album “The Fame” has returned to the 100 best debut albums in history.

In 2014 she’s single Bad Romance was certified 10 times platinum, and with Poker Face was the first artist in history to receive the Digital Diamond Award for the over 10 million copies sold digitally.

During its career she won several awards, becoming the first artist in history to win Oscar, Grammy, Bafta and Golden Globe in the same year, underlining how these awards are the result of a huge effort: “This is hard work, I worked hard for a long time, it’s not about victory, but it’s about never giving up, if you have a dream, do not give up.”

Good music to everyone!!

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