Sinfonia FanToken Pool Incentives are here!

3 min readJan 19, 2023


Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that starting from today, January 19th 2023, the incentives on FanToken pools on Sinfonia are live for the next 90 Epochs, until April 19th. This is a fantastic opportunity for liquidity providers to take advantage of the incredibly high APRs that are currently on offer.

Effective immediately, incentives have been activated for the following pools:

Additionally, starting from tomorrow, two incentives will be activated in the remaining pools each day. Keep an eye out for daily updates on which incentives have been activated.

In line with the vision of our FanToken owners, we have chosen to incentivize liquidity providers with a long-term approach by activating only the 14 days Unbonding Period gauges. This encourages liquidity providers to think beyond the short-term and to commit to providing liquidity for an extended period.

Moreover, for the first time ever, two FanToken owners, Adam Clay and Delta9 Recordings, have decided to collaborate on Sinfonia by doubling the incentives on their pools for liquidity providers.

This means that by providing liquidity to the $CLAY/$BTSG pool and bonding it with a 14 days Unbonding Period option, you will receive incentives in both $CLAY and $D9X, and vice versa. By bonding liquidity in the $D9X/$BTSG pool, you will receive incentives in both $D9X and $CLAY. Currently, the APRs on those pools are incredibly high, with 350% on CLAY’s pool and around 490% on D9X’s pool.

It’s worth noting that in just a few days, NFTs, together with the Media Player, will be live on Sinfonia. With these three tools live (FanToken, NFT, Music Player), the game on Sinfonia will change drastically (in better) for both creators and fans. We are excited to see how these new features will be utilized and how they will enhance the overall experience on our platform.

In conclusion, now is a great time to be a part of the Sinfonia community. The incentives on FanToken pools are live, and the opportunity to earn high APRs is there for the taking. The collaboration between Adam Clay and Delta9 Recordings is a first in the industry and is sure to provide liquidity providers with even more earning potential.

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