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And on the wave of “Bohemian Rhapsody” before, and “A star is born” after, now we are waiting for the release of a new film entitled Rocketman, which tells the life of a wonderful artist, Elton John!

But who will play the role of this talented singer, interpreting his historical and well-known songs? Apparently an actor and singer with these skills has been found.
It is Taron Egerton who plays the role of Elton John in the official Rocketman trailer.

The film will tell, in a musical key, the singer’s first steps in the world of music.
The film will focus on John’s life: from the beginning as a pianist, when he was still called Reginald Dwight, up to the rise as an international star with the name of Elton John.

The story will explore the singer’s musical career but also the personal one. And it will be Taron Egerton to lend his voice to the pieces that we will hear in the film, in fact as well as being an actor, Egerton is a talented singer and had already shown by lending his voice to Johnny in the animated film Sing.

The film also has the approval of Sir Elton John, who shared the official trailer on his social accounts and believes that Egerton is the best at singing his songs.
The film will be released on May 31, 2019 and we are curious to go and watch it!

See you soon then …

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