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It has not been a long time since the last announcement of partnership and here we are with a new one that is being born!

Today, BitSong is pleased to announce the beginning of the partnership with the Record Label “404 DEEP RECORDS”, which in this way chooses to board the platform of the future and strongly support the concept of music in Blockchain !!

404 DEEP RECORDS, is a label dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of House music, specifically Deep House, Minimal, Tech House, Techno.

The label was founded in 2018, by the DJ and International Producer “MAX DJ”, Florin Dumbraveanu’s stage name, who has been involved in the production of house music for over 20 years, having entertained successful collaborations with various international labels in the past, such as Barcelona Beats Records, Crazyfriends Music, CrackHouse Recordings, 21 ROOM and Bad Father Records, and who has entertained for long the Madrid nightclubs with its soft and rhythmic style.

404 Deep Records is born with the primordial objective of looking for new talent, helping them to reach the goals they aspire, faster and easier, allowing them to distribute the works on a large scale and helping them to improve even more. To date, 404 Deep Records, despite the young age of the label, offers many collaborations with emerging artists, but also with, Chris Flowers, Deepsoul16, Mauro Di Leo, Dj Cocodil, Chris Freeman, producers already well known to the International House environment.

BitSong carefully selects its partners and we have no doubt that this collaboration will give extraordinary results in the near future, especially for the fact that the launch of the Testnet of our own Blockchain is now very close!

If in the meantime you want to have a small preview of what the 404 Deep Records offers to the public, you can take a look at the following link:

If you are an artist belonging to the aforementioned music category, and you no longer want to waste time, and get into the international music industry, do not hesitate to contact us at the following addresses:


BitSong and 404 Deep Records welcome this new partnership and wishes, Good Music to Everyone!

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Official Telegram Group:

404 Deep Records

Decentralized Music Streaming Platform (

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