New single for Taylor Swift: Me!, in duet with Brendon Urie

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Back on the Taylor Swift record market in a period of great musical fertility in America, could not miss the signature of the most loved pop/country singer in the world.

Put behind the bleak period of Reputation and the single End Game, Taylor returns to joyful and cheerful atmospheres with the video of the new single Me!, in collaboration with one of the most important names in American music in recent years, Brendon Urie, leader of the Panic! at the Disco.

Released April 26, Me! anticipates Taylor Swift’s new album, two years after that Reputation that allowed her to set up a tour of more than 50 concerts in six months, with a revenue of over $ 345 million.

A tour in which Swift also used facial recognition to keep stalkers away. Numbers and freedoms that only the Reading popstar and a few other names around the world can afford right now. After the country stage of the beginnings and the electronic phase of the last two albums, who knows what awaits us with Taylor’s new work.

Good Music to Everyone!

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