BitSong is extremely pleased to announce the entry of a new member into his now big family, namely, REUBEN GODFREY.

Reuben will be one of our Advisors and will take better care of the business development aspect, but also of the redactive aspect, having had great experience in the journalistic field.

Reuben has worked in sales, business development, finance and operations for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally.

He has worked as a journalist and is frequently interviewed and asked for commentary by tech and mainstream media.

He is co-founder of the Italian Association of Ireland and the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia with an ambassador role on the GDPR Awareness Coalition and on the NSAI National Mirror Committee to ISO TC 307

So we give a great welcome to Reuben Godfrey and we can not wait to get to work together !!

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