N43 — is launching a FanToken ($N43) on Sinfonia by BitSong!

4 min readJul 11, 2022


Based out of Milwaukee WI, N43 Records was founded in 2017 as a community-driven effort to develop artists & songwriters around the world. Amid the digital transformation of the music industry, N43 Records are redefining how a modern indie label should operate.

Partnering with an award winning media company that excels at showcasing songs visually in the form of high quality music videos, N43 Records assists their artists in bringing the full vision of their music to life by providing access to a professional team of engineers and producers that know how to elevate songs to their highest potential. In addition to releasing music, the company has their own success in landing music placements with brands such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, NFL, & more.

(BeeScott, Corey Pieper, & Denny Lanez)

In 2017, the label debuted their first official release with DJ-duo Antics (featuring UK singer Luke Cusato) titled ‘Find A Way’, which quickly gained the attention of BBC Radio Merseyside. The label has since stuck by their goal of true artist development, as evident in the 2020 release of Corey Pieper’s ‘Truly Do (featuring American-Jamaican singer & rapper Sean Kingston), which has amassed over 1.2 million streams to date.

N43 Records began to pivot towards Web3 technology as an effort to help artists in a more fair and transparent manner. Even with scaling back the number of new artist signings in 2021–2022, the company has had the ability to focus more in depth on marketing and release strategy, while maintaining a concrete internal infrastructure.

The FanToken will accelerate the label’s ability to further market the current catalog, and maintain the ability to support future releases by having the goal of signing at least three (3) new artists by Q2 2023 with a $10K-25K minimum marketing budget on a 12 week initial release plan (per artist).

For the short term, the label has focused their development efforts on 2 artists currently:

  1. RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 12 finalist) Aiden Zhane, who has been exploring high energy industrial-house fused chaos. The goal is to prioritize the production of music with a team of high quality house producers to support the 360° scope vision of this project.
  2. Alternative-Folk driven artist Vivid, who recently recorded an EP at Spire Audio (The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean). The goal is to develop a marketing budget and plan to release the remaining 3 singles into 2023.
(Vivid — Tracking & Recording EP @ Spire Audio — December 2021)

Join the journey and help support artists creating the next wave of pop-driven music by using $N43 fan token!

Community voting rights on:

  • Demos up for label release consideration
  • Release dates for new music
  • NFT marketplace
  • Private listening discussions, q&a, sessions, & team meetings
  • Exclusive Discord perks:
  • Private access to scheduled listening sessions with our team, where you can also provide direct feedback in real time to demos
  • A&R role: Stake minimum and receive role as an a&r to pitch us artists and/or songs we need on our radar in private listening sessions to help us meet the signing goal

As the BitSong community grows with $N43, there will be further plans to improve airdrop rewards, exclusive programs, & FanToken perks.

(Armon Hassan performing at N43 showcase @ Cooperage in Milwaukee — Winter 2019)

The official launch of the N43 FanToken will take place on July 11th, 2022 on Sinfonia, the Marketplace completely designed and developed by BitSong, on the Osmosis Network.

After the launch, in approximately 30 days, N43 will perform a 1 Milion Airdrop of $N43 FanTokens to the eligible community members.

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