Maurizio Nari is the weekly BitSong supporter !!!

BitSong is pleased to announce its new supporter: Maurizio Nari, DJ & PRODUCER of world rename, who chooses in this way to welcome our idea and to collaborate with us in achieving the goal of bringing music on the Blockchain !!

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Maurizio Nari, many years ago began his career as a DJ , becoming a reference point in the golden age of the night life of the Romagna Riviera

Thanks also to various record hits at the European level, he works between France, Germany, England and Greece.

In 1995 he met RONNIE MILANI and together they gave life to the Nerio’s Dubwork group producing songs like ‘sunshine & happiness’ with Darryl Pandy, who placed first in the billboard dance rankings in 1999.

In 2006 the duo evolved becoming Nari & Milani: he produced several world hits and played in the most important clubs and festivals around the world from Tomorrowland to the ultra music festival.

Their track Atom was elected best track of the winter music conference in 2012 by Mtv America and one of the bibles among the American blogs, Dancing Astronaut.

There are many collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as Bob Sinclar, Tiesto, R3hab, Alex Gaudino, Daddy’s Groove.

Their radio show I’LL HOUSE U is included in the programming of the American satellite giant SiriusXm.

In December 2016 the duo founded the label woof rec, with the aim of helping new talent.

After 11 years of success the duo Nari & Milani decides to break up, but promises to continue making music with solo projects and keeping their label.

Choosing to support BitSong as Maurizio Nari did, solves all the problems related to the world of music.

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This is why the artist can distribute his own song in total autonomy, without any intermediary, being able to earn in real time, without waiting and without dividing the profits of his work with anyone.

Our platform aims to overcome the typical bureaucratic and economic obstacles of the sector, making it decentralized thanks to the ethereum blockchain.

Choosing to support BitSong has several advantages, not only for artists, but also for users who will use the platform.

Users in addition to not paying to listen to the music that they prefer, they can also earn token thanks to audience ratings.

This is because your attention and your time is of enormous importance for BitSong.

Being part of our platform as an artist will make you independent, more visible than other channels and will allow you to earn capital at every streaming, in real time.

Being a BitSong member as a user, means not paying subscriptions to listen to music, being rewarded in $BTSG token for each ad listening and being able to convert them from any exchange.

Choosing to support BitSong, as Maurizio Nari did, means starting to change the music world, it means totally changing the artist’s world that will be free from any link, and this change will be in favor of anyone who wants to be part of it.

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