L Don Loyalty Program is Here!

2 min readMar 9


Dear music fans,

We are excited to share with you that L Don, one of our most talented artists, is launching an innovative new program called the L Don Crew3 Program. This program is designed to engage with his loyal fans in exciting and creative ways while rewarding them with amazing prizes through the $LDON FanToken.

Since January, L Don has been at the forefront of web3 music by launching his $LDON FanToken on Sinfonia, the web3 music dApp built by BitSong. In a very short time, the $LDON FanToken has climbed the rankings to become the second most valuable FanToken on the platform, just behind $CLAY. This impressive growth is a testament to the passion and dedication of L Don’s fans, and the L Don Crew3 Program aims to reward them for their unwavering support.

The L Don Crew3 Program is an exciting opportunity for fans to engage with L Don’s music in fun and entertaining ways.

By participating in simple and enjoyable quests, fans can earn cool prizes in the form of $LDON FanTokens, free NFTs minting of the future L Don Drops on Sinfonia, and the chance to collaborate artistically with L Don. The program will run for three months, starting on March 10th, and will include biweekly sessions called Sprints that offer even bigger rewards.

The L Don Crew3 Program is not just about rewarding L Don’s fans; it’s also about increasing his web3 activity and spreading the word about the incredible opportunities available in the web3 music industry.

As one of the pioneers of web3 music, L Don is passionate about exploring new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the music industry. By participating in the L Don Crew3 Program, fans can join L Don on this journey and help spread the word to other music industry colleagues, fans, and friends.

We can’t wait to see what creative ideas L Don’s fans will come up with as they engage with his music and earn amazing prizes through the $LDON FanToken. So get ready to join the L Don Crew3 Program and become part of the web3 music revolution!

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