Keplr has been integrated into BitSong

Hello everyone, as you may have seen on our channels, today we have officially released Keplr as the new main method of authentication to our Web Player/Wallet.

Therefore, for those who already want to start using it, below we leave you a guide on how to connect it and import your wallet to it.
Although the previous method of authentication with the mnemonic phrase remains available, we strongly recommend that you use Keplr as the main tool for operations with your btsg tokens.

1. Connect to the Keplr extension page for Chrome, and install the extension in your browser, then restart the browser.

2. Open the BitSong Web Player/Wallet, click on “connect wallet” and then choose to import the wallet.

3. Select Keplr as the import method

4. The first time you connect Keplr to BitSong you will need to confirm the addition of the Chain and the wallet as in the figures below.

5. This is a very important step as you have to select the BitSong Chain, which we remember has a different coin type from Cosmos (Cosmos — 118, BitSong — 639). So let’s select from the list, the BitSong Blockchain.

6. Once the Chain has been selected, click on the man fig. at the top right of Keplr and then “Add Account”.

7. Then paste the Mnemonic phrase of your bitsong wallet and name your wallet in Keplr.

Finished the previous operations, you will be able to see your wallet connected with Keplr and there will no longer be need to put the Mnemonic phrase at each login, but it will be enough to log in to your Keplr.

All the operations that you will carry out within the wallet with the btsg tokens will go through Keplr confirmation.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new “toy”. 😊

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