Have you bought btsg erc-20 and don’t know how to migrate them to BitSong Mainnet?

Following articles explain step by step how to register in BitSong and migrate your BTSG Tokens to Mainnet.


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The advantages that the Mainnet offers are multiple, you can participate in governance, vote, propose and you will also be rewarded at each block according to your voting power.
Taking part in the ecosystem from the beginning will bring you numerous other benefits over time as you gain some seniority in it.

What happens if I don’t migrate my tokens?

You wont’t be able to participate in governance, you won’t be rewarded at each block for your participation in the ecosystem and you will also have to wait for the first bridges on Cosmos to be released before you can have a new opportunity to enter.

Where can i buy btsg?

Currently there is availability of btsg only on Uniswap, so you can buy your tokens there and migrate them to Mainnet as described in point number 1, or simply trade them.

BitSong recommend migration?

Absolutely yes, BitSong recommends all token holders to take part in the ecosystem, thus contributing to its healthy growth and at the same time being rewarded for doing so.

Until when can I migrate my tokens to Mainnet?

The Smart Contract will be stopped on March 23rd at 12pm UTC. After this date, until a bridge is released on Cosmos, it will no longer be possible to join the Mainnet!

🚀That said, it remains only Migrating your Tokens, fastening your seat belts, put your mobile phones in flight mode and be ready to take off!!🚀

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