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5 min readJul 11, 2022

Karina starts singing when she is only 4 years old and having found support to embark on a path in the musical field by her loved ones, she managed to study music and take singing lessons, but also to participate in numerous local and international competitions and festivals.

In 2016, at the age of 15, she was discovered by her current music producer, who after having observed her performing live a cover on Facebook decided to reach out and propose her a collaboration, which opened the way for a future musical career and gave her an artistic identity for the first time.

Karina immediately takes the opportunity and aligns her long term vision with that of her future producer and supported by her parents she decides to join the “BlackJack Records” family with whom she begins to build the “Karina” project

The collaboration proves to be a success and Karina does not delay in showing her techniques but also her innate talent, so in 2017 she made her first important piece “Blackjack ft Karina — Story”, which finds great success locally and it helps the little Karina to acquire a good fame at home.

A whole series of successes follow, both individual and in collaboration with other artists, including:

- “Te prefaci” (Karina ft Kio — 2018);

- “One Love” (BlackJack ft Karina — 2018);

- “Someone New” (Robert Cristian ft Karina — 2019) a song released in collaboration with the “Pink Elephant” label, which was taken over by “Warner Music Russia” and “Warner Music Ukraine”

- “Perfect Time” (Karina — 2019)

- “Wonder Woman” (Karina ft Reem — 2020);

- “One by One” (The FLO ft Karina — 2020);

- “Remember” (Karina — 2020);

- “Sorry” (Karina — 2020).

Throughout the period in which these singles were born, the team offered her the opportunity to develop professionally, having experiences from which she gained valuable knowledge: she went to many studios in order to become familiar with various styles of work, talked to many artists and producers and participated in music industry events.

Having the benefit of getting in touch with so many people in the field and observing what is going on “behind the curtain”, encouraged by her colleagues, Karina began to get more and more involved in the song’s production. So, since the end of 2020, she has contributed not only to the melodic lines, but also to the writing of the lyrics.

In 2020, therefore, she decided to follow guitar and piano lessons, a decision that proves to be excellent as this helps her better identify as an artist and better express her emotions and creativity but also to accompany with much more technique and harmony the melodic lines.

Therefore at the end of 2020, she returns to produce successful pieces, highly appreciated both at home and internationally with which she’s able to enter the top 10 of the radios of some countries such as Turkey, Russia or England.

Some of these songs are:

- “Game Over” (BlackJack ft Karina — 2020)

- “Princess” (Karina — 2020),

- “Hello Mamacita” (Karina — 2021),

- “Tell me how” (Karina — 2021);

- “Get To Me” (Karina — 2021),

- “Too Much To Drink” (Karina — 2021),

- “Toca” (Karina — 2021),

- “Thank You” (Karina — 2021);

- “Give Me” (BlackJack X Rawanne X Karina — 2021);

- “Off My Mind” (BlackJack X Rawanne X Karina — 2021);

- “I Will Forget” (Karina — 2022),

- “Where You Are” (Karina — 2022)

- “Cruel Intentions” (Triplo Max ft Karina — 2022)

With “Cruel Intentions” Karina gets into the top of some of the most important radio stations in Turkey such as Metro FM, Pal Station, Number 1 FM.

She’s newest release is called “Unlove me” and has reached the top of radio stations in 3 countries such as Russia, Turkey and England and tens of thousands of streams on Spotify.

Currently she is involved in many musical projects for the near future and declares herself extremely enthusiastic about becoming part of the Bitsong family, thus becoming one of the first artists to launch a musical FanToken linked to her own brand and give the opportunity to her fans to be closer than ever.

She therefore takes a new opportunity as she already did in 2016 and decides to digitize her brand and her art, through the Blockchain tools that BitSong makes available.

The official launch of the KARINA FanToken will take place on July 11th, 2022 on Sinfonia, the Marketplace completely designed and developed by BitSong, on the Osmosis Network.

After the launch, in approximately 30 days, Karina will perform a 1 Milion Airdrop of $KARINA FanTokens to the eligible community members.

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