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For those who are not yet clear about the benefits of investing in the BitSong ICO, we will list a number of key factors below.

BitSong was born from a team of young people who have been part of the music industry for many years and who have not given up with the thoughts of how difficult it is for a musical artist to emerge and subsequently have transparency from big companies (the record labels) who are leading this industry, which yields billions of dollars a year.

BitSong first of all does not have real competitors in its field, and those that might have, because they operate in the same industry, can not really compete with us, because they are light years away from the goals we have already achieved, even before launching the application. BitSong is passion, experience, innovation, awareness, there are years of study and practice in the music industry and later in the crypto-blockchain sector, in which we have been operating for 4 years and which gave us the opportunity to lay the foundations for a project of this caliber.

We had the opportunity to perform in Switzerland, at the ICO Race, where we ranked fourth out of 300 selected ICOs from all over the world !! You can see the movies on our official profiles.
In Warsaw, where our team has performed in the CEE Blockchainext Summit, as well as at AMSTERDAM in the Europe Blockchain Summit, where BitSong has been equally successful with the public.

Investing in BitSong right now can only bring benefits! Do your personal analysis of course, but you will soon realize that you can not find a disadvantage.

First of all we decided to make a transparent ICO, with transactions written in Blockchain and visible to all operators in the sector, through our Smart Contract.

We have the legal base and operate exclusively from Malta, a paradise for years now for investors, the Blockchain island, as you know many ICOs are coming here and many already large institutions in the sector have opened a headquarter here. Malta will soon be a point of reference for the Blockchain and the companies operating in these technologies.

After a very successful pre-ICO, we decided to set the price of the ETH at $ 700 during our Public Sale, which means we pay $ 700 for 1 ETH, in BTSG Token, ie 1 ETH = 11.290 BTSG .
This means that regardless of market fluctuations, the price is fix and if the price should go beyond the $ 700 then we will take steps to make sure that our investors remain satisfied.

Although we have released a series of excellent bonuses in our pre-ICO, also for the Public Sale, we have a bonus range that can reach up to 40%, starting from a minimum, depending on the size of the investment you want to make .
The bonus will be established in advance on the transaction that will be carried out.

We have a Referral campaign that rewards you with 5% of any investment coming from your Referral link.

We are launching a campaign that will reward all those who will not sell the BTSG Tokens for the first 12 months after the listing.

Our technicians are already working on the realization of the alpha version of our platform and as already announced for the beginning of 2019 we already want to launch it, this being another huge advantage, as our Token will be put into operation immediately, being the main tool of transaction on our platform, then will acquire next value.

Do not miss the chance to follow us on our official channels and profiles and for all those who wish to meet our Boarding Team and discuss collaborations, investments and much more, we will let you know in the days coming which are the next conferences we’ll participate in.

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