Interview with BitSong’s CEO!

Andrea Della Balda, the new CEO of Bitsong shares his thoughts and his vision on the future of Bitsong and the strength of Blockchain to improve a system in difficulty, such as the Music Industry:

  • In this new and very challenging adventure, what are your first hot takes?

It’s important for me to begin by declaring that whoever doesn’t jump on the BitSong train now, is already missing out on a great opportunity! Ours is a long-term journey, we have a comprehensive plan to be delivered over the next five years, high-level artists and content, and a stellar team that grows more every day. We also have our core asset — BTSG — and an ecosystem that’s ready to host projects in the world of music, art, and beyond. Taking this train now means being a part of history!

Imagine if you’d had the chance to meet Spotify’s founders back in 2006 or 2007 and been offered the opportunity to become a part of it. BitSong’s potential is exponentially greater. This is how I feel today, being part of history and thanks to blockchain, you all can be with us!

Blockchain technology offers many opportunities, but the one that excites me most is that it offers an immediate entrance into the soul of a business, which is effectively listed on a free and open stock market. If you have a project with a legitimate underlying value proposition, a good operational organization, and an active development team, there’s an opportunity to grow dramatically once investors spot the chance to become part of an exciting project that can make dreams into reality. I refer both to the dreams of those who developed and made the project possible, and of all those who were able to invest in it.

This is BitSong! Angelo Recca has done an exceptional job and now together with the formidable team we have, we are ready to hit the objectives set and create value!

So my initial feeling is one of enthusiasm and motivation, that I hope to carry forward on this journey. I feel honored to take the lead of this immense project and steer it to the ambitious goals that await us in the short and medium term.

  • You are also an investor in Bitsong. What struck you about the project and how do you feel now in holding the most senior position?

I came to know about BitSong thanks to a dear friend who has been inviting me for many years to consider and invest in blockchain projects. Over the past five years, I have had other battles to win, including health. During this period I was able, thanks to my wife and my family, to take some time to learn and discover new opportunities. Among those seen in the immediate future, I came to appreciate the potential of blockchain technology. So, with the support of this expert and dear friend, I came across some very interesting projects, including BitSong, and I immediately became an investor.

As a result, I got to know and appreciate Angelo. We discovered we shared many of the same visions for the future of blockchain technology, which ultimately led Angelo to invite me to take his place as CEO and lead this fantastic project. After a very short period of reflection, I accepted in the awareness that Angelo had not only given me the responsibility for guiding his dream, but after the great battles for my health, he also gave me the honor and the enthusiasm to restart my professional life, in the field I enjoy most — technology.

So I can only say once again that I’m honored to be leading BitSong. I had long appreciated the team’s work and the solid foundations of the project. BitSong was born to invigorate the musical ecosystem, giving it a new vision based on transparency and simplicity. For me it is a fantastic opportunity and BitSong represents the perfect continuation of my entrepreneurial career.

  • What similarities do you find in blockchain and the technology businesses you have run in the past?

As I said above, blockchain has the tremendous power to catapult you into a large, free and increasingly rich and liquid global market, to find capital and qualified investors, to launch a project with unprecedented speed, and to participate in new and exciting challenges. For me, the echoes of previous technology revolutions are strong. I recall the time in 1995 when I opened an ISP and one of the very first web agencies in Italy. Within a few years we found ourselves overwhelmed by very interesting projects, challenging jobs, and opportunities for quotations or mergers and acquisitions activities that would have been previously unheard of.

Now, leading BitSong in such an important mission to revolutionize an industry as treasured as music, I feel excited to be part of a huge transformation at this early stage once again.

  • How do you see this project in the long run?

Imagine when Spotify’s founders started their journey and multiply the potential by at least a thousand! BitSong is a project with music at it’s heart, and music has the power to touch the hearts of billions of people. We offer a sanctuary for artists to preserve the copyright of their work with the certainty and security of the blockchain.

For fans and listeners, we don’t only allow them to enjoy their favorite songs but to earn together with their idols by listening to them. It’s a revolutionary change for the music sector.

And then there’s BTSG — a solid currency that I believe will ultimately hold its own value, independently of the fluctuations in the broader cryptocurrency markets. So for artists, choosing BitSong means protecting their art and being rewarded for it. For those who choose BTSG, either as long-term investors or as stakers, there are plenty of opportunities to increase their investment. So BitSong is a great deal for everyone in the long run.

  • Do you follow other blockchain projects? What are your favorites?

Another one of my personal favorite projects is It’s another project in the Cosmos ecosystem, one that has incredible potential with a very relevant mission and legitimate underlying use case. It aims to make the world a better place by ensuring that the resources allocated by international organizations, private funds and donors, are used for their intended purpose, without wasting money and guaranteeing delivery. I believe this level of transparency is necessary to change some of the biggest issues of our time — climate change, world hunger and access to medical care.

I don’t have any other specific projects to mention, but the world of blockchain is exploding with fantastic initiatives and opportunities never seen before, with incredible pace of development. So I recommend keeping an eye on all developments relating to blockchain!

  • What was the hardest challenge of your life and how did you overcome it?

Life is a continuous challenge that requires great passion and attention. But unexpected variables arrive, sometimes surprising, sometimes discouraging. For me, the biggest challenge I’ve overcome is to reclaim my health, which I only managed through the sheer strength of will to live, the right treatment, and the love of my family.

  • What did you tell the team when you took office?

That we are here to express our potential and that BitSong is the right place to realize your professional dreams. So far, my impression of the team is that there’s a huge amount of knowledge, development skills and commitment. There is a unified understanding and focus on our shared goals. Despite being a relatively young team, I’ve found that there’s a sense of maturity in the discussions, along with a sense of responsibility for making BitSong a success.

Together we have a long list of tasks that we review every week and enrich with new contributions that I always appreciate. Soon the official activities of onboarding artists will start, followed by fans and listeners, which will make the BitSong community bigger and more active than ever before.

I am proud to be leading this team, which I can see has shown strength and vision. I conclude by taking the opportunity to thank BitSong’s founder, Angelo Recca, for having invited me to join him in this incredible challenge, and also Iulian Anghelin who patiently and tirelessly directs BitSong operations with his extensive knowledge and professionalism. I also appreciate Sergio and Giulio for their constant presence and tireless participation, and our supremely qualified Artist Manager Adam Clay, with whom I will soon participate in the new Artist Onboarding program. I also welcome Sarah and Josh who recently joined the Marketing team, and of course, extend my thanks to our team of developers led by Angelo, without whom the BitSong blockchain wouldn’t be able to operate.

My sincerest gratitude goes to everyone in the BitSong community, and I look forward to being instrumental in the success of our future endeavours.

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