Important ICO & AIRDROP Notice

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As you already know, on Wednesday December 5th 2018, the second phase of our Airdrop began, which was a huge success, as expected.

Our community is growing considerably, day after day and is supporting us more than ever.

For this reason, after a meeting full of very careful analysis together with the whole Boarding Team of BitSong, and after the numerous and continuous requests of our community, we decided to extend the ICO process of 7 days, to allow in this way also to the latecomers to take part in it.

As you well know a successful project, has a very strong and available community behind it and since BitSong is a distributed project, automatically having a community as described above, it becomes indispensable, and we can tell you that we are very happy with how things are going .

That said, we announce that the new official endline of the ICO has been moved to December 15th, 2018, but we also announce that the Airdrop will continue to be active even after the end of the ICO, obviously with other characteristics, while the Bounty campaign will find its end tomorrow, December 8th 2018.

Thanks for all your support and trust, together, we are changing the music, AGAIN !!

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