Guide to Launch bitsong-testnet-1

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Update: The guide was update, have a look into our community-

Hi everyone, on July 3, 2019 we published the guide on .

We are proud to announce that in 7 days, 26 validators have submitted their application.
Among them there are:

We have named only some of the 26, but there are many others with us.

Get ready to bitsong-testnet-1

First of all, we expect that you already followed the .

In order to start without any network anomaly, we recommend that you strictly follow the instructions step by step

  1. Stop bitsongd and disable the service
systemctl stop bitsongd && systemctl disable bitsongd

2. Reset all previous data (if any)

bitsongd unsafe-reset-all

3. Delete the old go-bitsong folder that you have downloaded from github

rm -rf go-bitsong

4. Clone the new from github

git clone -b v0.1.0 

5. Install the new version of go-bitsong

cd go-bitsong && make install

6. Check if the new version is installed

bitsongd version --long# Should return
name: go-bitsong
servername: bitsongd
clientname: bitsongcli
version: 0.1.0
gitcommit: 617a515e9cb2a49fb759dfb50f291dee35f7f484
buildtags: netgo,ledger
goversion: go version go1.12.5 linux/amd64

7. Remove the old genesis file

rm -f ~/.bitsongd/config/genesis.json

8. Download the final genesis file for bitsong-testnet-1

wget -P ~/.bitsongd/config

9. Enable and start bitsongd again

systemctl enable bitsongd && systemctl start bitsongd

That’s all!

To check on the status of the node

sudo journalctl -u bitsongd -f# Should return
Started BitSong Network Daemon.

The Testnet will start at July 11, 2019 at 15:00 UTC
After the BitSong Network blockchain reaches a quorum, the testnet will be officially launched!

If a quorum is not reached by 15:00 UTC on July 11, we will coordinate further communication through the BitSong validator .

The only notable change currently is the reduction of the UNBONDING time, from 3 days to 3 hours.

BitSong is pleased to announce that all decisions will be taken together with governance. One of the first votes that will take place will be the one concerning the number of validators.

We thank everyone for participating and we wish you Happy Staking!

BitSong, not only music!

Decentralized Music Streaming Platform ()

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