George Han — New Advisor Joined

We are pleased to present our new advisor — George Han

George is a strategy professional who has worked with hundreds of startup
founders in the areas of business strategy mapping and fundraising strategy.
He now serves as advisor to areas of business strategy mapping and fundrai-
sing strategy. He now serves as advisor to whitepaper development, marke-
ting and investment.

Formerly in his role as startup champion at SMU, he facilitated the creation of
over 90 tech startups and advised over 600 startups in their business plans.
He believes that the key to a successful startup lies in the implementation ca-
pability of the founders and their willingness to get their hands dirty to execute strategies.

Based in Singapore, he also works with a number of family offices and funds
in seeking businesses with strong management team and scalability potential
for investment purposes.

George graduates from one of the top global university — National University
of Singapore with majors in Economics and Political Science; and has a MBA
in Investment from Hull Business School.

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