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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to officially welcome a new strategic partner of the highest technological level, namely FORBOLE.

FORBOLE indeed decides to support BitSong on its journey from here on, becoming part of our infrastructure as one of the TOP Validators and not only, since various projects are being born together with this collaboration.

FORBOLE founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, is already considered one of the pioneers of the PoS field in Blockchain, being also one of the TOP Validators of the Cosmos Network. It stands out for its seriousness, security, high-level infrastructure and a team of experts coming from various parts of the world who tirelessly carry out a business every day that includes various chains of the Cosmos ecosystem, some of which Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, Kava, Terra , IOV, e-Money, LikeCoin, Band Protocol and many others, adding BitSong to its Portfolio as mentioned above.

In addition, Forbole is also the developer of one of the most used and popular Block Explorer in the world, i.e. Big Dipper, which analyzes a large part of the networks based on Cosmos SDK, offering real-time data to people from more than 140 countries in the world.

In addition to the Block Explorer, Forbole is also at the head of a very ambitious project, of which BitSong fully embraces the concept and with which it will collaborate in the future, i.e. DESMOS, which is an open-source blockchain and tech stack for decentralized social networks.

Ours becomes a strategic partnership not only in terms of security and infrastructure but also from a market point of view, as through the Forbole’s help we will be able to get into the Asian market more efficiently, for new strategic partners or general public, while BitSong is committed to being one of their reference points in Europe.

Therefore, we warmly welcome this Proof of Stake Pioneer and hope that this partnership will lead us to excellent achievements on both sides.

Welcome Aboard FORBOLE!!

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