🚨$D9X FanToken Giveaway Announcement

4 min readNov 24, 2022

Dear Community,

After the tremendous success of the $CLAY Giveaway, the first use case of the Sinfonia Fantokens Loyalty Program, we are pleased to announce another amazing giveaway!

This time it’s up to Delta9 Recordings, an Italian based Drum & Bass label founded in 2012 by the mighty Delta9 Crew which, since 2003, has been pushing the Drum & Bass sound in Northern Italy. The label has signed over 100 artists worldwide, has released more than 300 exclusive tracks across all main music retailers, gaining the support of many of the biggest names on the scene!


As you may have noticed, all FanTokens on Sinfonia have in their tokenomics a large amount of tokens dedicated to loyalty programs, managed by their creators, with the aim of involving fans in certain interactions in order to support creators in various ways and through different tools.

In this way D9 Rec becomes the first recording label to mint a quantity of tokens from its tokenomics to be distributed for a call to action by its Fans to support the label’s social activities and to spread the word about its involvement in web3.

How to use the FanTokens

This giveaway will reward the community with utility crypto assets that already have market value and can be exploited in various ways. One of the ways in which the FanTokens can be employed is through Liquidity Mining, which consists in bonding the tokens received in the pools with each FanToken on Sinfonia, to obtain consistent daily rewards (above 200% APR at the moment).

In addition, fans will be able to use FanTokens to access exclusive content or events that the artist will launch later, as well as an NFT collection, entry to one of his upcoming live events, a meet & greet or the possibility, for other artists, of a future collaboration.

As you can see, FanTokens can have a wide variety of uses and holding them can create a much closer bond with your favorite artists.

The Giveaway

Total Prize — 10,000 $D9X

Winners — All those who will participate in the community talk by asking at least one question to Diego, owner of D9 Rec.

Beginning — November 24th

End — November 27th

Community Talk — TBA (follow BitSong&Sinfonia channels)

Rules & Requirements

To be eligible for the giveaway, you must meet a number of rules and requirements.

1. An active Twitter account for at least 1 month at the time of application

2. Follow Delta9 Recordings on Twitter

3. Follow BitSong on Twitter

4. Follow Sinfonia on Twitter

5. Like&Retweet the Giveaway Tweet

6. Participate in the community talk by asking at least one question to Diego, owner of D9 Rec.

Prize distribution

The winners will have to send their BitSong wallet to Diego to receive their prize, via the method he will communicate during the event.

The FanTokens will become claimable after the winners have sent their bitsong wallet to Diego and he has included them in the winners list, so that when the winners go to Sinfonia to claim their FanTokens, by connecting to Sinfonia with that specific wallet, an “eligible” label for D9X campaign in the “Airdrops” section will be shown.

If you don’t know how to open a BitSong wallet, you can find a detailed guide here.


You are about to participate in a one-of-a-kind event that more and more FanToken creators will adopt as a form of gratitude and closeness to their fans.

Sinfonia breaks down the barriers, especially the relational ones between Fan and Artist, giving music what the music deserves and at the same time it also rewards the Fan for his passion, involvement and the time he devotes to his favorite artist.

Good luck in the 10,000 D9X Giveaway!

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