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Music is certainly an important part of each of us. Whether we listen to Rock, Pop, Classical or Folk music, music gives us a sense of well-being and relaxation. Here are some curiosities that you may not know about music.

Music alleviates pain. In addition to endorphins released by the body, which induce a state of well-being, music gives people the feeling that they are in control, even when it comes to pain. Thus, a patient who listens to his favorite music will perceive the pain felt less intense than if he does not listen to anything. At the same time, music relaxes the body and stabilizes the heart rate, which helps control the pain sensation.

Music can animate you in the morning. If you start your day with cheerful music, you have more energy throughout the day and a much cheerful state of mind than if you wake up with TV news or thoughts about the tasks of the day. When composing your morning playlist, make sure you do not include sad or annoying songs. Instead, find songs with an alert rhythm and optimistic lyrics.

The Mozart effect is real. It is scientifically proven that if you listen to music while you are learning, you are more prone to retrieve information faster. Although it turned out not to apply only to Mozart’s music but to any type of individual music, the fact that music helps mental development is as real as possible. Moreover, you can easily access the information gathered, singing or listening to the song you learned. Also, music has the power to enhance the ability to read and write, spatial-temporal reasoning, but also emotional intelligence.

Music improves coordination. You move more easily if you move on the rhythm. Over time, this translates into a visible improvement in body coordination and movement. As a result, the next time you come to dance, you do not mind.

Plants react to music. Like humans, plants also enjoy the benefits of music. Plants that are set to listen to classical, relaxing music, bloom more easily and react positively. Instead, if it’s Rock or Heavy Metal, they’re off.

Some people see music in colors. This phenomenon is called chromosome, and it occurs especially in people who are thinking visually. They associate a color with each musical sound, and the color distribution is different from human to human.

How many of these curiosities did you already know?

Good Music to everyone

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