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© CMQZMusic | Ph by Daniele Cipriani

Born in Bogota (Colombia), Carolina Marquez made his debut in Italy in 1998 with her first single S.E.X.O S.E.X.O. a piece outside the canons which immediately became a hit. In the same year, Carolina became one of the most important figures on the Italian dance scene. In the nineties she climbed the Italian and European rankings positioning herself in few top tens with eight singles that have become part of her first album “MAS MUSICA” of 2002 published by Do It Yourself Entertainment / Virgin Italy.

In 2004 Carolina returned with a single that, within a few days, achieved international success: The Killer’s Song Vol. I, based on a sample of the Twisted Nerve song, originally composed by Bernard Herrmann, which was also used in the soundtrack of the “Kill Bill — Vol.I” movie by Quentin Tarantino. During the same year ia remixed album was released: The Killer’s Song Vol.II, five remixes made by various international artists including: The DiscoBoys (from Germany), while Carolina Marquez reaches the top of the sales charts of Radio and TV all over the world and The Killer’s Song Vol.II becomes the musical flag bearer album of the “Made in Italy” in the One Night “Samurai” of the Pacha Club in Ibiza. In December of the same year, The Killer’s Song Vol.II was distributed by EMI Music in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador and by Ultra Music in the United States.

In 2005 the new single Pleasure Ground was published in Europe, which follows the same steps as The Killer’s Song Vol.I.

© CMQZMusic | Ph by Daniele Cipriani

In 2006 Carolina Márquez recorded the single Angel de Fuego, together with the homonymous collection that contains all his successes.

In February 2011 the release of the new single “Wicked Wow” was announced with a remix of the well-known Dutch DJ “Dj Chuckie”. In 2012, “Weekend” was released, a duet with JayKay, and the international participation of Lil Wayne and Glasses Malone.

On March 15, 2013, the new single “Sing La la” was released, a reinterpretation of Pesenka by Ruki Vverh! which was already the cover of the most famous “Around the World” (La la la la) of “A Touch of Class” (aka ATC). With the great collaboration of Flo Rida and Dale Saunders, the disc scales the European charts immediately, proving to be one of the biggest hits of the 2013th summer. The single obtains Gold Record for the number of certified downloads in Italy.

After the success of “Sing la la la” on October 22nd, “Get on the Floor” is released with the prestigious collaboration of Pitbull, Dale Saunders & Roscoe Umali. Among the most important collaborations of Carolina we find the one with the american singer “Akon” for the single “Oh La La La” in 2016.

Lately Carolina Marquez has returned to the dance music in a pure Italian style with different covers of great success related to 90’s and 00’s, such as:

  • Super (2015),
  • 2 The Club (2017),
  • Sarà perchè Ti Amo (2018)
  • Vola (2018 )

- Courmayeur in collaboration with DJ Matrix, Ludwig and Gabry Ponte released on December 27th, 2019 which got a Gold Record in Italy in June 2020 and Platinum one in December 2021.

After the success of last summer “Vinci un viaggio” in collaboration with ScuolaZoo, in the 2022 Spring she returns with a new single that sees the participation of DJ Matrix and Nico Pandetta: “Con Le Mani Su” …


  • 1998 S.E.X.O.
  • 1998 Amor Erótico
  • 1999 Cont@cto
  • 2000 Super DJ
  • 2000 Bisex Alarm
  • 2001 Ritmo
  • 2002 Discomani
  • 2002 Más Música
  • 2004 The Killer’s Song (from Kill Bill Vol I. Soundtrack)
  • 2005 The Killer’s Song Vol. 2 ( RMX)
  • 2005 Pleasure Ground
  • 2006 Angel De Fuego (Album)
  • 2011 Wicked Wow (DJ Chuckie RMX)
  • 2012 Weekend (Wicked Wow) — Carolina Márquez Vs Jay Kay Feat. Lil
  • Wayne & G.M.
  • 2013 Sing La La La — Carolina Márquez Feat. FloRida & Dale Saunders 2014 Get On The Floor — Carolina Márquez Feat. Pitbull, Dale Saunders & Roscoe Umali.
  • 2015 Super (Gigi D’Agostino Cover)
  • 2016 Summerlove — Right Now (Nanana)
  • 2016 Oh La La La — Carolina Márquez Feat. Akon & JR
  • 2017 2 The Club — Carolina Márquez Feat. Power Francers
  • 2018 Sarà Perché Ti Amo — DJ Matrix & Matt Joe Feat. Carolina Marquez
  • 2018 Su Di Noi — Carolina Marquez Prod. by DJ Matrix & Matt Joe
  • 2019 Courmayeur — Dj Matrix , Carolina Marquez , Ludwig Feat Gabry Ponte
  • 2020 Con Tutta La Voce — Paolo Noise , Carolina Marquez , Jack Mazzoni Feat Mad Fiftyone & Vise
  • 2021 Vinci Un Viaggio– Carolina Marquez , Dj Matrix , Maxwell Feat. Moova
  • 2022 Con Le Mani Su — Dj Matrix , Carolina Marquez , Nico Pandetta

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