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As you well know, 2 weeks ago we started the BTSG token distribution process, for pre-ICO and ICO contributors, while lock-up contributors, remember that tokens will be unlocked when the lock period is over. As for the Airdrop campaign, the Airdrop 1 and Airdrop 2 tokens have been unlocked, while the Referral tokens are still locked, until the recovery process for the disabled accounts is finished.

At the moment many users have already withdrawn their tokens from the BitSong account, in the wallets they registered at the time the account was created, while others have preferred to keep them in BitSong, for future operations on the portal or in our Blockchain.

Another aspect of the beginning of the distribution process is that of users deactivated by our security systems, as you know, after checking more than 70 thousand Airdrop accounts, about 25% were excluded from the campaign by our systems. Despite this, we have made available to our users, the possibility of recovering the account, if it had been a mistake to disable it, through a KYC process that our team is carrying out.

We have already accepted many requests for account recovery by our users and about 60% were successful, with consequent reactivation of the account, while for others it was not possible to reactivate, as they did not comply with the parameters indicated from our team regarding the sending of the request for assistance to our support (, or after more in-depth checks there were no parameters necessary for account reactivation, or they did not carry out the KYC process correctly.

Through this release we want to inform our users who have had the account disabled, that it will be possible to continue to request assistance for account recovery until April 30, 2019, the day when this process will end and it will no longer be possible to request the account reactivation.

On the 2nd of May 2019, the distribution of Referral tokens will start, which are still locked. We remind you that a penalty of 50 BTSG will be applied for each account belonging to your Referrals that has been excluded from the campaign by our systems (eg. If Jack had 50 referrals, which means 50x50=2500 BTSG, but of these 50 referrals 20 were banned, Jack will be applied 1000 BTSG penalty, as 20 referrals x 50 BTSG report to that number).

We also remind you that in order to speed up the entire process and be more efficient, to comply with the parameters indicated by our team regarding assistance to recover your accounts. Email without subject, without the email address connected to the BitSong account, without the kind of problem encountered or with bad English, will not be taken into consideration, as the requests are many and our team can not waste time doing other research.

The steps are as follows:

— Send email containing subject, type of problem encountered, email address connected to your BitSong account and understandable English to our support
— Wait for the team to respond (it may take up to 24/48 hours).
— Once you have received the account recovery form, fill it out carefully and send it only when you are sure that everything is correct.
— If you have respected everything and your application has been positively evaluated, our team will send you a confirmation email and will reactivate your account in a few minutes.

Thank you for your attention, we hope that this article has clarified your doubts and you enjoyed reading the update.

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