🎉 Breaking News: “Ready Or Not” by Adam Clay — 1st Music NFT Launch on BitSong Studio, January 25th! 🚀

2 min readJan 15, 2024

Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey as Adam Clay’s exclusive track, “Ready Or Not,” takes center stage on BitSong Studio. This progressive house masterpiece, co-produced with Paolo Sandrini and Eugenio Ferrara, offers an energetic and ethereal sonic experience, transporting listeners to another dimension.

Preview on BitSong Studio:👉 https://bitsong.studio/preview/ready-or-not

Ready Or Not” it’s being released under the form of an NFT, exclusively on BitSong, as there is no other channel or platform where the tracks was previously published.

The accompanying graphic concept, inspired by an iconic photo of Adam, encapsulates the essence of the song — a vibrant universe beckoning us to embrace life’s mysterious journey. The track’s mantra, delivered with warmth by Adam’s voice, carries a message of hope and liberation, inviting listeners to face the unknown with open arms.

🔥 Exclusive Benefit for BitSong NFT Genesis Holders!

As a BitSong NFT Genesis holder, you’re in for a treat! “Ready Or Not” will be airdropped 1 to 1 to all Genesis holders — a unique opportunity to own a piece of Adam’s groundbreaking NFT. Whether you hold 1 or 5 Genesis NFTs, each entitles you to a corresponding airdrop of “Ready Or Not.”

The initial price of the NFT will be approximately 600 BTSG, and it will be tradable (liquid) from the launch. Additionally, the use of the bs721-curve feature with a ratio of 100 indicates the pricing mechanism and how it will dynamically adjust based on the fans interactions with it.

Join the BitSong VIP Club with the Genesis NFT Collection and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and collaborative possibilities!

🌐 BitSong Studio’s Transformative Impact

This launch is a testament to the incredible opportunities BitSong Studio is creating for artists, fans, and the community. As we pioneer new ways for creators to connect with their audience, the BitSong NFT Genesis Collection stands as a symbol of exclusivity and perks.

👉 Stay Tuned for More Updates!

BitSong Studio is not just a platform; it’s a revolutionary tool that’s shaping the future of the music industry. We’re thrilled to share these updates and announcements with you every day, making strides in onboarding creators and fostering a community-driven ecosystem.

Don’t miss the launch on January 25th, and let’s continue this exciting journey together! 🎶

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