BOOOM!! Ladies and gentlemen, BitSong presents ADAM CLAY

ADAM CLAY, world renowned artist, who has made millions of people dance and sing all over the world through his unforgettable “BABYLONIA” featured with Ricky L. chooses to get on board the music streaming platform of the future !!

A big Welcome ADAM, we are sure and hopeful that our collaboration will be a huge SUCCESS !!!

ADAM CLAY aka MR. BABYLONIA, is a Barbadian-Italian singer/songwriter with a powerful and versatile voice. His career took off in 2006 when he featured on Ricky L’s worldwide smashing club hit “Born Again”, later remixed by the great Spanish duo Balearic Soul and re-issued in 2009 as “Born Again — Babylonia” on one of the top record labels in the house music industry, Jamie Lewis’ Purple Music.

In 2009 he teamed up with the Italian team of producers Ocean’s Four, in other words a perfect coalition which successfully led to another international hit “Beautiful Life”. The following year saw the release of “Be Together”, the single that also created a buzz on an International level but above all within the Mediterranean countries.

The name Adam Clay began to grow as the performances proceeded and the thousands of partygoers continued to scream the ‘ war cry ‘: Babyloniaaaa! 2010 is definitely the year of his breakthrough and saw him udertaking the “Beautiful Life in Babylonia Tour”, performing live in many international festivals and top clubs, sharing the stage with incredible artists such as Pitbull, Craig David, Bob Sinclar, 50 Cent, Sean Paul, Flo Rida, Kelis, Chris Willis, Tinie Tempah, Basement Jaxx, Ferry Corsten, De La Soul, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales, Fat Man Scoop, Gary Pine, Amanda Wilson, Don Omar, Alesha Dixon, Ralvero and the list goes on.

Apart from touring with live performances he started to appear as a special guest on various TV programs, including the 8th season of Star Academy, one of the most popular shows on the French-Lebanese channel LBC and known to be one of the most popular talent shows worldwide, with over 35,000,000 viewers tuning in during Adam Clay’s debut appearance.

He also lent his deep and unmistakable voice for the Disaronno OJ 2009 campaign and created and conduct the radio show “Black Hour Zone”, focusing on the history of black music from early sixties till today.

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Choosing to support BitSong as Adam Clay did, solves all the problems related to the world of music.

This is because the artist can distribute his own song in total autonomy, without any intermediary, being able to earn in real time, without waiting and without dividing the profits of his work with anyone.

Our platform aims to overcome the typical bureaucratic and economic obstacles of the sector, making it decentralized thanks to the ethereum blockchain.

Choosing to support BitSong has several advantages, not only for artists, but also for users who will use the platform.

Users in addition to not paying to listen to the music that they prefer, they can also earn token thanks to audience ratings.

This is because your attention and your time is of enormous importance for BitSong.

Being part of our platform as an artist will make you independent, more visible than other channels and will allow you to earn capital at every streaming, in real time.

Being a BitSong member as a user, means not paying subscriptions to listen to music, being rewarded in $BTSG token for each ad listening and being able to convert them from any exchange.

Choosing to support BitSong, as Adam Clay did, means starting to change the music world, it means totally changing the artist’s world that will be free from any link, and this change will be in favor of anyone who wants to be part of it.

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