BitSong’s Public Sale has Ended !!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that our Public Sale has lived its end, today December 15th 2018.

An exceptional milestone has been achieved for BitSong and its community, which has never stopped supporting us and contributing to the realization of a dream, which initially was the dream of a small group of people, but soon became the dream of hundreds of people and even earlier, that of thousands of people and in the end, REALITY. We couldn’t ask for a better community!

From November 2018 until today, we have never stopped working hard, evolving more and more, day by day, passing through numerous difficulties, satisfactions, emotions and incredible results.

To date, we can say that BitSong together with all its community, have grown together, and if today we are where we are it is also thanks to you, that through advices, donations, criticism, questions, you have offered additional value to BitSong eco system.

Quickly summarizing what has happened, we want to remember that we have reached almost 70% of the Hardcap we had set, we have completely revolutionized the initial BitSong’s system, emigrating from ETH, to build our Blockchain, based on the Cosmos Network, with Tendermint Consensus Algorithm and implemented the PoS (Proof of Stake).

We strongly suggest you to follow us on Github, where in the coming days there will be massive updates and where the Testnet of our Blockchain will be published. There will be incredible news, we are adding to the echo system of BitSong, another tool that will give an incredibly high additional value, being a completely new and revolutionary thing, we will talk more in depth soon.

The distribution of all tokens will take place in the coming days, in chronological order and priority and you will be notified as soon as the “withdraw” will be enabled.

We are defining the last details with the exchanges in which you will be able to make transactions with our BTSG Token and the intention is to be listed in the following 30/40 days.

In addition, even the Airdrop will continue to run for a period of time, giving you the chance to continue earning BTSG Tokens for your social activity, but the features will be different:

- Website registration — 20 BTSG
- Telegram connection — 10 BTSG
- Referral — 5 BTSG

The support chat on our website will continue to be available to you as well as the official Telegram group and all our communication channels. We ask you another bit of patience for the launch of the platform, we are going to publish the post-ICO roadmap that covers all the changes made to BitSong.

In the days following, the entire Public Sale report will be published, which will include Contributions, Reserve Fund, Team, Airdrop, Bounty, etc.

We close with thanking again to all those who have taken and are taking part in the BitSong’s growth, as we have always said, thanks to you, music is changing, AGAIN!

Today, a new ERA is beginning !!

Thank you all, see you soon !!!

With affection and esteem,

BitSong Team

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