BitSong welcomes Andrea Della Balda as Company’s new CEO!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrea Della Balda as CEO of BitSong, with immediate effect. He will succeed Angelo Recca, who will move into the position of Chief Technology Officer at BitSong.

As co-founder of BitSong, Angelo and fellow co-founder Iulian Anghelin have been actively recruiting for a suitable candidate who can lead BitSong through the next stages of growth as we begin to roll out more features on the mainnet. Angelo has been performing the dual role of CEO and CTO to date, but his ability to focus on BitSong’s technology development is a critical success factor in the project’s growth. As such, he, Iulian, and the entire BitSong management team are unanimous in their decision to bring Andrea on board.

Andrea is an experienced executive in the telecommunications sector with a track record of founding successful companies. He joins BitSong from San Marino Telecom SpA, which he co-founded in 2005 through his holding company Da Vinci SpA together with the well-known entrepreneur Simon Murray.
Thanks to investments exceeding €20 million, the firm created the first national network for internet, communications, and mobile devices in San Marino, revolutionizing and modernizing the telecommunications infrastructure in the Republic and enabling it to become completely autonomous.

In 2007, as CEO of the same company but under the PRIMA brand, Andrea led the launch of mobile internet services on the San Marino market, followed shortly by voice services and the revolutionary “Genius.” Genius was the first service to combine landline phones, mobile ones, and the Internet in a single solution and number.

Speaking of his appointment as BitSong’s new CEO, Andrea said:

“Having spent my career launching new technologies, passing through Telex in 1989, Internet provider and Web Agency in 1995, then on mobile telecom since 1999, now at 54 I see even greater potential in the future of blockchain. I’m pleased and excited to be joining BitSong and looking forward to participating in a new era of digital transformation.”

Born in San Marino, Andrea was educated at the Childhood Community Iris Versari Cesena State Institute and continued his studies at the University of Urbino, Political Science and Business Administration faculty. In 1985, he took his first position in the telecommunications sector as an Audio Video Operator at Tele San Marino. In 1987, with his father Giuseppe at NET2000, he became the 3rd ACER computer reseller in Italy and by 1991, he had founded Infotel Srl. Infotel was a company operating in electrical systems for public lighting of the Autonomous State Company (AASS), telephone exchanges, and computer hardware and software systems.

In 1995, he went on to found Fotonica Srl, the first San Marino ISP company and dedicated to the design, construction, and management of multimedia and interactive products and services for the internet and wireless world. Fotonica was one of the pioneers and leaders in the creation of Internet solutions with its own Content Management System.

In 1999, Andrea set up Dbh SpA as a holding company to manage the various family businesses, which include Telefonia MObile Sammariense, TMS with Telecom Italia Group, before going on to found Da Vinci SpA, the holding company that would invest and found San Marino Telecom. Thanks to Da Vinci SpA, he also managed investments in telecommunications companies in San Marino and abroad, including Softmed Srl, Geosat, and GenX Lab Milan.

Alongside his full-time executive roles, Andrea is also an advisor to the San Marino Embassy in Madrid. He also participates in various initiatives in the sports sector, including the presidency of the S.P. Tre Penne from 1994 to 2014. He serves as a consultant for several large multinationals in various sectors and has established excellent relations with the institutional leaders of many countries worldwide.

Adding to his previous statement, Andrea said:

I would like to thank Angelo for his tireless efforts in the dual role of CEO and CTO to date, and for facilitating a smooth and effective transition as I join BitSong. I’m happy to find myself working with a committed and motivated team, and with a solid foundation on which to build the ambitious future of BitSong as we prepare to welcome music industry participants to our ecosystem.”

We are proud to welcome Andrea to the BitSong team and look forward to our future success under his leadership.

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