BitSong Weekly/Testnet Update

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Hello everyone and welcome to the BitSong weekly update.
As you well know, Testnet-2 took off on August 12, 2019 and as already specified in the previous article, despite a small problem in the beginning due to synchronizations, the network stabilized after a few minutes and since then there have been no more problems.

At the time of writing this article, the blocks created were about 240 thousand, while the transactions carried out are around 9200. The network processes all transactions without any problem and is all very fluid.
Inflation maintains a constant rate of 13.5 with an Average Block Time of 5.70 seconds. The validators currently remain 14, with an average uptime of 100%, but remember that once the faucet is available, new validators will join the network.
You can observe the progress of Testnet-2 here, but we remind you that since the big dipper is not completely compatible with the 0.36 version of Cosmos yet, some parameters are not precisely indicated.

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As you may recall, last week we talked about our Blockexplorer and we also presented some preview of it. It is currently in the finishing phase and we are aiming to launch it by the end of the week. We can anticipate that at the time of the first version it will not be 100% complete with all the features we have in mind to implement, but we can assure you that the level of performance and its features are among the best currently in circulation. We will take care to notify you as soon as it is released online and open source.

In the meantime, while working on the Blockexplorer and on the activities of Testnet-2, we are already working also on the next version (Testnet-3) in which we aim to get as close as possible to what will be the next Mainnet. Soon some proposals will be opened on the current testnet, to establish some parameters and to modify other existing ones, including the slashing one, on which we have already discussed a few times with our validators.

These are the activities we are currently focusing on in BitSong, we hope you enjoyed the update and we invite you to stay in touch as we will soon have fun, trying all the functions of the Testnet and those of the Console/Blockexplorer

BitSong, not only music!

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