BitSong v0.4.0 is online!

CEL data model —

Hello everyone,
as previously announced, we have started the integration tests of the MPEG-21 standard.

The MPEG-21 standard, from the Moving Picture Experts Group, aims at defining an open framework for multimedia applications. MPEG-21 is ratified in the standards ISO/IEC 21000 — Multimedia framework (MPEG-21)

BitSong v0.4.0 takes the path towards the adoption of the MPEG-21 standard.

Upcoming releases
v0.5.0 — Adding odds to get rewards
v0.6.0 — Withdraw reward
v0.7.0 — IBC Shares Transfer

Are you an artist?
Contact us, you will be able to access the public beta-test

Are you a developer?
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Are you a music provider?
Contact us, discover how to integrate your services with blockchain

Are you an investor?
BitSong is available on UNISWAP, or if you are a “WHALE”;), contact us!

About BitSong

Based on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint, BitSong is an interoperable and cross-chain blockchain.

A user can publish (independently and unchangeably) his own music record. A user can also tokenize his track (NFTs) and sell his shares to new users. Each track containing a set of Right Holders, when a track gets a new reward, it is divided and automatically sent to the Right Holders.

Through the BitSong api, any user can build their own decentralized music player and/or manage their royalties.

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