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Trance is a genre of electronic music born in the early nineties in Germany.

It is believed that this name is due to the hypothesis that the depth of these sounds can provoke a state of psychic trance induced by a feeling of ecstasy, but other people claim that the trance name comes simply from the word “Trancefer” (name of an album by Klaus Schulze of 1981).

The trance was born as a musical style in the early nineties in Europe, the most credible hypothesis about its origins is that it was born from the fusion between the techno and the ambient inspired by krautrock, some say that derives from house music and synth pop.

The nation that has influenced the trance since the beginning, is Germany (remained the largest European music square until the late nineties) but some argue that the paternity of the genus is to be attributed to Belgium as the first trance style track was technically produced in Belgium.

No club goer in the 90s does not know the song “Children” by Robert Miles. One of those historical pieces that clubbers will never forget. A track that evokes pleasant memories of youth and carefree. The Italian-Swiss DJ Robert Miles gets a worldwide reputation and Trance definitely goes out in the open, thanks to the five million copies sold by “Children”.

Trance genre, a more pop derivative of tecnho music, makes its first appearances in the late 80s in Belgium and Germany. The Germans, however, circulated this sound more frequently in their clubs. One of the gods of Trance is Paul van Dyk, one of the first to focus on this specific genre. His “For an Angel” is another pillar of Trance music. In the long and glorious career of Paul van Dyk, there is also an appearance in the soundtrack of “The Dark Knight”, the very successful Batman by Christofer Nolan.

The holy triad of Trance is completed with the Dutch Armin van Buuren and Tiësto: from the second millennium millions of people will dance on their tracks. The awards obtained by these three artists are proof of the approval of the audience for Trance.

Armin van Buuren with the radio program “A state of Trance” develops a new format, analyzing and promoting all the best DJs influenced by this musical style. From 2001 to today there are almost 800 episodes, the success of this transmission stems from the birth of a real live event.
In fact, since 2010, Armin van Buuren starts a tour in various cities of the world, celebrating the anniversary every 50 episodes of the show.
From the first party in Toronto several cities will host this show: Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Sidney, Moscow, Madrid, Mexico City, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur just to name a few. Tracks of the best Trance exponents resound in the coffers of the world because of this spectacular event: Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Andrew Rayel, Markus Schulz, David Gravell, ATB and many others. Basically the new Mecca for the many faithful of Trance.

Here in BitSong, we have always supported and we were fans of this genre and one day, even before the project was launched, we asked ourselves: “And what if Armin van Buuren became our partner one day, for something never seen before, what could happen? “

Well, that dream has stirred something in each of us and now, that day is nearer than ever! Now you’re probably asking yourself too, what could happen if Armin van Buuren joins BitSong?

Keep following us on our channels, amazing news are coming!

Good music to everyone!

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