BitSong Token Sale Report !

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As we promised a few days ago, the Token Sale report it’s been made and is ready to be published at your disposal.

As following, the exact numbers of everything that happened since the beginning of our journey and until December 15, 2018:

PRE & Public — 58.210.425 (50%)
TEAM — 23.284.170 (20%)
Reserve Fund — 17,463,128 (15%)
Advisor — 8.149.460 (7%)
Partnership — 5.821.043 (5%)
Bounty — 2,328.417 (2%)
Airdrop — 1,164,209 (1%)
TOTAL — 116.420.850 (100%)

As you can see, the Initial Supply will be 116,420,850, but with the time and the various updates the numbers will change, since as soon as our Blockchain is ready and online, the $BTSG will become minable (Proof of Stake).

The $BTSG will be initially released in ERC-20 ( ), by making a Swap then, when our Blockchain is online, in chronological order, starting from the Pre-ICO, continuing with Public Sale, Advisors, Airdrop, Bounty and will be released until January 15, 2019.

We also officially announce that the $BTSG will be listed in the first exchange as early as next Monday the 24 of December 2018, listing that will take place on the Asian market, to give Asian users who have not had the opportunity to participate in our Token Sale, the possibility to buy our Tokens directly in exchange.

The first exchange in which you will have the opportunity to transact the $BTSG is COINLIM, an exchange based in Hong Kong, with which we have recently defined a Partneship.

To Coinlim they will follow, Bancor, Idex and Fork Delta in the weeks coming, we are only working on the last contractual details.

Thanking you again for your infinite support and patience, we wish you Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

BitSong Team

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