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Hi there everyone, we hope that your week is going pretty well and that you can’t wait to hear about BitSong news.
Actually we wanted to update you a little about the progress of Testnet-2 and how we are currently working on developments.

Testnet-2 is going very well, after a “diesel” start due to synchronization factors, the network was stabilized and all is going as planned. At the moment there are 14 active validators that keep the network healthy, but soon others will join us through the faucet, while the Average Block Time is at 5.76 seconds.

For safety reasons, 2 validators started with a higher voting power than the others, ie BitGlad and Bitangel that started with 50K instead of 10K, but as already said we made this choice only for safety reasons.
By the end of this week we will also launch the first proposal to enable transfers and so we will also test this new feature.
In addition, in the coming days we will be committed to organizing the structure for an upcoming “Game of Stakes” which will take place in BitSong very soon.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that we are about to finish our Block-explorer and in a few days it will also be released online with our chain, but also available to you on github. We have decided to create this tool that will be useful to the Cosmos community as well as to BitSong and we are working hard to realize it in the best way.
It is currently in operation and offers information in real time, of very high precision.

We also plan to release the console together or later to the block-explorer, in order to allow users and interested parties who are not able to operate with the command-line to start testing our functions and get into the BitSong’s perspective. As already said, soon we will open the first proposal to begin deciding various parameters but also to give the governance the possibility to officially start expressing their opinions and visions in BitSong.

Having said that, we hope you enjoyed the update, keep following us on our channels to stay updated with all the upcoming BitSong activities.

BitSong, not only music!


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