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Hi there everybody, we hope you had an excellent weekend and your mood is one of the best.
We’re releasing this article as an update of the BitSong Testnet-1, but also to officially announce the Testnet-2.
At the time this article was written, Testnet-1 had reached around 400,000 blocks and 24 stable validators, while the Average Time Block is around 5.60 seconds.
The infrastructure is holding up very well and we have never had any problems or particular errors, so we can consider that the Testnet-1 was a success!

As aforesaid, through this release we officially announce the Testnet-2, the date and the new features.
Testnet-2 will be launched on August 12, 2019 at 15:00 UTC.
There are various changes as well as various new functions that will have to be tested, but also changes to some parameters of Testnet-1, such as that of slashing which passes from 95% of 10,000 blocks to 95% of 100 blocks. This radical change consists in the fact that we want to begin to get closer to perfection.

Another important update was to switch to the Cosmos-Sdk 0.36 version (which is currently in production on the Cosmos Testnet network), while in Testnet-1 we ran on the 0.35 version.
We also set the Initial Supply to 116,289,228 btsg (which will be the initial supply of Bitong), as well as the maximum number of validators was provisionally set to 32.

The guide for joining Testnet-2 will be published Wednesday August 7th, 2019.

As follows, we provide you with a complete description of the various features of Testnet-2, so you will be able to better understand the whole concept:




- Cosmos-SDK v0.36
- Faucet address
- Send disabled (you can enable it by gov)
- Initial supply 116,289,228 btsg
- New slashing parameters
- Max validators capped to 32
- Supply module

General configurations

Genesis start at

"genesis_time": "2019-08-12T15:00:00Z",
"chain_id": "bitsong-testnet-2",

Consensus params

These are the same as cosmoshub-2. hub 1 was slightly different.

"consensus_params": {
"block": {
"max_bytes": "200000",
"max_gas": "2000000",
"time_iota_ms": "1000"
"evidence": {
"max_age": "100000"
"validator": {
"pub_key_types": [

Bank params

Start with txs disabled and use governance to enable them. Note: faucet won’t work.

"bank": {
"send_enabled": false


Normal list of gentxs generated automatically

"genutil": {
"gentxs": [...]

Crisis params

Currently set to cosmoshub-2’s value (

"crisis": {
"constant_fee": {
"denom": "ubtsg",
"amount": "1333000000"

Distribution params

Main params are the same as cosmoshub-2

"distr": {
"fee_pool": {
"community_pool": []
"community_tax": "0.020000000000000000",
"base_proposer_reward": "0.010000000000000000",
"bonus_proposer_reward": "0.040000000000000000",
"withdraw_addr_enabled": true,
"delegator_withdraw_infos": [],
"previous_proposer": "",
"outstanding_rewards": [],
"validator_accumulated_commissions": [],
"validator_historical_rewards": [],
"validator_current_rewards": [],
"delegator_starting_infos": [],
"validator_slash_events": []

Mint params

Mint has same parameters as hubs 1 and 2 except block_per_year

"mint": {
"minter": {
"inflation": "0.130000000000000000",
"annual_provisions": "0.000000000000000000"
"params": {
"mint_denom": "ubtsg",
"inflation_rate_change": "0.130000000000000000",
"inflation_max": "0.200000000000000000",
"inflation_min": "0.070000000000000000",
"goal_bonded": "0.670000000000000000",
"blocks_per_year": "6311520"

Gov params

Same params as the cosmos hubs except voting_period is capped by the unbonding time, and deposit_period is a week because that seemed reasonable. Note: voting period must be less than unbonding period otherwise people could vote, redelegate, then vote again.

"gov": {
"starting_proposal_id": "1",
"deposits": null,
"votes": null,
"proposals": null,
"deposit_params": {
"min_deposit": [
"denom": "ubtsg",
"amount": "512000000"
"max_deposit_period": "604800000000000" // 1 week
"voting_params": {
"voting_period": "259200000000000" // 3 days, has to be ≤ unbonding time
"tally_params": {
"quorum": "0.400000000000000000",
"threshold": "0.500000000000000000",
"veto": "0.334000000000000000"

Staking params

Params same as hub 1 & 2 except for unbonding time which is 3 days and max_validators. (gaia testnet 13k uses 3 days)

"staking": {
"pool": {
"not_bonded_tokens": "0",
"bonded_tokens": "0"
"params": {
"unbonding_time": "259200000000000", // 3 days
"max_validators": 32,
"max_entries": 7,
"bond_denom": "ubtsg"
"last_total_power": "0",
"last_validator_powers": null,
"validators": null,
"delegations": null,
"unbonding_delegations": null,
"redelegations": null,
"exported": false

Slashing params

"slashing": {
"params": {
"max_evidence_age": "259200000000000", // 3 days, must be same as unbonding period
"signed_blocks_window": "120", // 10min @ 5.00s block time
"min_signed_per_window": "0.050000000000000000", // can be down for up 9.5min without slashing
"downtime_jail_duration": "600000000000", // 10min
"slash_fraction_double_sign": "0.050000000000000000",
"slash_fraction_downtime": "0.010000000000000000"
"signing_infos": {},
"missed_blocks": {}


Automatically added

"accounts": [...]

We hope you enjoyed this update and wish you an amazing week. Stay tuned for the Joining Testnet-2 Guide.

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