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Hello everyone and welcome to the BitSong weekly update.
Today we have the pleasure of talking about a new tool we have been working on for the last few days and which is ready to go into production.
The tool is called BitSong Wallet Bot and it will be the one who will facilitate the interaction with our Testnet, as it will do it for any other Testnet on Cosmos, as it is adaptable to all the chain cu Cosmos SDK.

How does it work?

In order to manage the chains more quickly and easily, we have decided to develop this tool that will allow all users to easily interact with our Testnet and the others to which it will be applied. The bot is operational through the telegram platform and acts as a “console” for our testnet, as it allows us to test and execute the main functions of our testnet, as well as to keep the various balances under control.

The tool was made possible in short time thanks to the BitSong Explorer, developed and presented a few weeks ago by our team, and thanks to the explorer-gql

When a user generates a new account, the system generates a new key, encrypts the mnemonic with a password chosen by the user and saves it on our internal storage (the seed can be decrypted only with a password set by the user), the same operation used by Lunie for local storage.

We understand that it is not a very safe method, however it will only be applied to testnet, so we do not recommend importing seeds used in any mainnet.

The features at the moment are:

  • Wallet Generation
  • Wallet Import via seed
  • Balance Overview
  • Send funds
  • Faucet token btsg (access for new wallets)
  • Staking
  • Delegates
  • Unbonding
  • Get all withdraw (from all nodes)
  • Delete account

As you know, we love open source and we intend to put this tool at the complete disposal of the community. However we are requesting the contribution of the community, through the contest that will begin in these days.
For more info, have a look to our Telegram Contest

As already mentioned above, the wallet is adaptable to any chain in testnet, so if you would like to mount it for your testnet, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be at your disposal for further details.

Very soon the wallet will be published and can be used by the whole community in the BitSong testnet.

Thanks as always for your support and for your time, our team works continuously to guarantee the community new tools and new possibilities, soon other updates will be published.
We wish you a wonderful week and let’s keep in touch.

BitSong Wallet Telegram Bot

Source: BitSong Community

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