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After much waiting, the BitSong Team is proud to announce that our public sale is live. The ICO sale will close on November, 10th 2018 or upon reaching our hard cap of 35,000 Ethereum so act fast before we run out of room !

Our PRE-ICO was closed with more than 4,000 Ethereum and we successfully reached our SOFTCAP!


What has changed from the PRE-ICO to today?
Today, due to the huge fluctuations of the market, we decided to set the price of Ethereum at $ 700.

The new price is 1 ETH = 11.290 BTSG

We have also created a smart contract that will make our Public Sale totally transparent.

All participants must pass the KYC process, the same approval will be written on the Ethereum blockchain, so anyone can check if the address has been approved or not.

Being our Public Sale, managed by a smart contract, the tokens will be available as soon as the public sale ends, then it is possible to do the Whitdraw directly from the smart contract.

Can I really know if the tokens I bought were allocated?
Certainly, once the donation has been made, you can query our smart contract, enter your Ethereum address (approved) and know the balance.

Is it convenient to participate in the public sale of BitSong?
Sure! We have set the price of Ethereum at $ 700 so anyone can buy Ethereum at ~ $ 330 and then participate in the public sale with Ethereum set at $ 700

So with 1 ETH how many BitSong can I get?
The current price is 1 ETH = 11.290 BitSong

Remember, do not send funds to anyone for any reason and do not share your private keys. The ONLY valid address to send your ETH will be available on our official website.

Over 44,000 people have joined us on our Telegram Group

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