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Good morning to all our community members, it’s been a few weeks since our last update, but we assure you that the reasons behind this delay are of the absolute best. As you may have noticed in the last few days, our Boarding Team has been engaged in a tour of International Events, in which we have also formalized our new product, namely TICHEX.

The first event we took part in was the Cosmos Hackatom in Berlin, an event organized by Cosmos itself, in which we had the opportunity to join the family of some of the best developers in the Blockchain sector and at the same time to become familiar with the whole Cosmos environment, on which we remind you, all our projects are based. At Hackatom there were 2 intense and extremely productive days in which we developed, discussed and exchanged opinions on our projects, but above all we attracted the attention of many developers with regard to the ecosystems we are building, so new collaborations were automatically opened, that will lead our platforms to be developed in the fastest and most qualitative way. A partnership with a giant of the sector is also opening, which will be made official as soon as we have defined all the aspects and the roadmap to follow.

From Berlin we then flew to Amsterdam, where we officially launched our new ecosystem, namely TICHEX, which will be the first crypto/fiat bridgethat will allow the cashout of our crypto capitals to fiat through simple steps within our blockchain and through the bank account system interconnected to the blockchain wallet that we will propose. All this will be possible thanks to our official partner, Em@ney plc Malta, which is an Electronic Money Institute operating in the banking sector for many years. Em@ney will also be the first Tichex Fiat Provider, ie the institute that will allow you to have an IBAN connected to your Blockchain Wallet, but also a real credit card, through which you can cash out, as and when you want.

In Tichex’s Blockchain, as well as in BitSong, it will also be possible to take part in governance, to be a validator, a delegator but also a Fiat Provider, all thanks to the dPOS algorithm that characterizes our ecosystems. In Amsterdam, Tichex has seen an incredible success since the first minute of the event, where well-known personalities in the sector or users of the Blockchain have expressed their enthusiasm about our product. As a result, we have also established new relationships, new collaborations/partnerships in Amsterdam, but above all we are aware of having become reference points in this area.

The Amsterdam Blockchain Summit was followed by the Romania Blockchain Summit held in Bucharest, where we encountered the same successes as the previous 2 events, having the honor of obtaining very positive feedback from legendary Blockchain people, but also from international ministerial figures , with which some partnerships will not take long to be established.

As you can see, the delay in BitSong developments has more than valid reasons, as we are building a bridge also for BitSong, which means that even for our artists and users, the liquidity factor will have been solved.Furthermore, through our partnership with Em@ney, it will also be possible to obtain credit cards for various micro-payments or cashouts.

We are planning the online release of BitSong and Tichex testnets for July 2019, which will allow all of you to start trying out the various features. That said, the immediate future is expected to be very rosy for all participants in our ecosystems, all you will have to do is support us as you have always done and wait just a little more for the launch of our services.

We wish you a good week and close with our new slogan:
“BitSong, not only music”..

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