BitSong is Avaliable on Uniswap

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it has been a while since we have sent an update email. In this period the BitSong team has worked a lot and we are approaching the release of the Roadmap that will take us to MainNet 1.0

Several new investors contacted us in order to create a Secondary Token Sale before the mainnet.

After several meetings we decided not to create a Secondary Token Sale, instead we preferred to list BTSG on Uniswap.

In this way, those who participated in our Token Sale in 2018 will enjoy the following advantages:

In addition, in this way we can build an organic price created by users.

Exchanging or Buying BTSG does not require any KYC and can be done through MetaMask.

The link to access the Uniswap exchange market is:

For any other information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

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