BitSong — Development Update

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The history of BitSong is written paragraph by paragraph with each passing day.

What we are showing you, is the first ever stream in the BitSong App !!

A very important milestone in our history has been achieved!

We just wanted to let you know that our team works hard, day and night, to make sure that all of this becomes reality.
Look at this image well because it could be that one day you will say “I saw it born” !!

At the moment the app is used only within BitSong, for tests and for the artists with whom we are negotiating the next partnerships, but very soon, a demo / MPV will be made available to all of you.

We also remind you that the alpha version is scheduled to be launched between December 2018 and January 2019, in this way our Token will become immediately operational, this being a huge advantage for its value, being the main tool of transaction on our platform, and you can start earning together with the artists you love more.

We also have a lot of news to let you know in the coming days, we have new partnerships of the highest level, we are redesigning our website, plus we will also let you know the upcoming events where you can meet our Boarding Team, for any type of information or proposal.

Keep in touch, we thank you for being so numerous to support us and always remember that: Thanks to you, the music is changing, again !!!

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