BitSong and Sinfonia Kick off 2023 in a Productive way!

Dear Community,

As the start of 2023 has been a productive one for us at BitSong and Sinfonia, we have released our Q1 2023 Roadmap and achieved several major updates.

  • We have introduced new incentives on FanToken pools, including double incentivized ones on CLAY/BTSG & D9X/BTSG, meaning that by bonding liquidity in one of those pools you get incentives both in $CLAY and $D9X which are aimed at providing better rewards for fans and LPs.
  • We have launched a New Artist FanToken ($LDON) providing an opportunity for a new artists to showcase his talents and reach a wider audience. $LDON FanToken is already performign brilliant actually and in just a few days from launch has become the FanToken with the highest value on Sinfonia, for 1 single unit.
  • We have also launched Proposal 15 on CosmWasm integration and chain upgrade, which will allow for the release of NFT and Media Player features, further enhancing the user experience on Sinfonia. All those features are being tested on the latest Sinfonia Testnet.

With 70% of the goals outlined in the Q1 Roadmap already achieved, and significant progress made on the remaining 30%, we are well on our way to making 2023 the best year yet.

Our goal of disrupting and empowering the music industry through our technology and tools built on Cosmos is an ambitious one, but we are committed to making it a reality.

Stay in touch with BitSong&Sinfonia: 👇
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